40 IMM Forms Templates

  • IMM 0008 Annexe 14 IMM 0008 Annexe 14 Understanding the IMM 0008 Annexe 14 Form Begin your journey by knowing what the IMM 0008 Annexe 14 form is. This is an essential immigration document used in Canada. Filling out this form successfully is crucial for individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada due to humanitarian and compassionate considerations. Importance of the form IMM 0008 Annexe 14 Completing the IMM 0008 Annexe 14 accurately and honestly is vital for any refugee claim. The form provides the Canadian government with important details about your claim for protection, which it utilizes to determine your eligibility for refugee status. This makes the template an important part of your asylum application. How to Fill Out the IMM 0008 Annexe 14 Filling out the IMM 0008 Annexe 14 template requires careful attention to detail. Here are some steps you need to follow: Start by filling out your full name in the respective fields. Under "Family name", enter your surname. In the "Given name(s)" field, provide your first and middle names. Proceed to the "Date of birth" field. You should enter your date of birth in the format: YYYY-MM-DD. Next, you'll find the "Client ID/UCI/FOSS ID" field. If you have previously interacted with Canadian immigration and were assigned a Unique Client Identifier (UCI) or Client ID, you should enter it here. If you don't have one, leave it blank. Address the query about whether you have ever been granted permanent residence in Canada. Click on the checkbox that corresponds to your situation: either 'Yes' or 'No'. Respond to the question about whether you are recognized as a Convention refugee by a country other than Canada. Depending on your situation, click on the 'Yes' or 'No' checkbox. Should you affirm positively to being a Convention refugee, the next question asks if you can return to that country. Tick either 'Yes' or 'No'. The subsequent question enquires on your citizenship. If you hold more than one citizenship, click 'Yes' and indicate the countries in the space provided. If not, select 'No'. Answer whether you hold legal and permanent residency in any country in the section provided. If you do, pick 'Yes' and state the respective country/ies. If not, opt for 'No'. If you indicated that you hold legal and permanent residency, respond to whether you can return to that country, again by marking either 'Yes' or 'No'. The final section is the 'Declaration of Applicant'. Here you need to sign and verify all the provided information with your signature. Make sure your signature matches your passport and other official documents. Finally, enter today's date in the format YYYY-MM-DD as a sign of when you completed and signed the form. Benefits of the PDFliner platform If you're seeking to fill out the IMM 0008 Annexe 14 form, PDFliner has a range of benefits that can make the process easier for you: Simplified process: The platform offers an efficient, hassle-free way to fill out the form. You may download or print the form, fill it out, and even submit it online.  User-friendly interface: The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making form filling easy for anyone, no matter their technical knowledge.  Accessibility: PDFliner is accessible anywhere you have internet access, allowing you to work on your form at your convenience.  Secure: PDFliner utilizes the latest in encryption technology to protect your data, giving you peace of mind that your personal information is secure. Guidance: Our platform offers guidance on what information is needed in each form section, helping ensure you accurately complete the IMM 0008 Annexe 14 form the first time.
  • IMM 0008 Annexe 14 (French) IMM 0008 Annexe 14 (French) IMM 0008 Annexe 14 French
  • IMM 0008, E Schedule 13 IMM 0008, E Schedule 13 What Is the Form IMM 0008? The IMM0008 is an application form often used by individuals intending to immigrate to Canada. This eight-page document is filled out by the main applicant, including their spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children, if applicable. The application form asks for educational background, work history, curriculum vitae and basic personal information required for the immigration process. Understanding IMM 0008 E Schedule 13 Among many schedules accompanying the main IMM 0008 form, one vital document is Schedule 13. This Schedule is for people seeking to immigrate to Canada under the Start-up Business Class. The schedule for form IMM 0008 collects information about your work experience, business plan, and ownership of the startup business. Besides, it allows you to show your intention and capability, which is highly important for immigration applications of this type. How to Fill Out the IMM 0008 E Schedule 13 Filling out the form can seem daunting to first-timers, but with patience and careful reading, it becomes an achievable task. An essential field would require your legal name. This section is divided into two parts - surname or family name and given name(s). Fill these out accurately, as any discrepancies can lead to complications. In the following blank, insert your date of birth in the format: (YYYY-MM-DD). Avoid using abbreviations or short forms. Elaborate upon your Financial Commitment in the next section. Ensure to accurately detail your financial investments pertaining to the business being proposed. In the subsequent field, 'Commitment', detail the level of your involvement and the responsibilities regarding the proposal you plan to undertake. The form would want to know how your past work and education have contributed to conceptualizing the proposal idea. Provide a concise narrative of your related experiences. You'll need to disclose any familial relationships you may have with anyone in the entity you're forming an agreement with. If there's none, choose 'No'. If there is, select 'Yes' and provide details. The form also asks about your initial interaction with the entity that issued the Letter of support. Describe how you first became acquainted with them. Provide a brief overview of your past affiliations with anyone related to the investing entity or any experiences related to the entity, including any business meetings. You'll also need to declare if you've proposed the same or a similar business idea to an investor located outside Canada. If you have, select 'Yes' and provide the result of the proposal. Do the same if you have pitched to a Canadian investor. Remember to cross-verify all responses and provide accurate information in a concise and clear manner. Lack of clarity or false information can invalidate your form, thereby hampering your proposal's progress. Tips for filling the form IMM 0008  Here are some essential tips to assist while filling out your application form: Ensure Accuracy: Make certain to provide accurate information while filling in the form. Use a Valid Email Address: Provide a legitimate email address, as it is crucial for future correspondence.  Complete All Sections: Utmost care should be taken to fill all essential sections, including the schedules and undertake to provide accurate information.  Seek Assistance: In case of any difficulties, utilize resources available online or seek professional help. Review Before Submit: Before submitting, make sure to review and correct any errors.
  • IMM 0008 E, Schedule 5 IMM 0008 E, Schedule 5 Understanding the IMM 0008 E Schedule 5 The form is a crucial part of the immigration application pack. This form serves as a medium for declaring financial resilience by immigrants when seeking permanent residency in the country. It helps the Canadian government and immigration sponsors measure the candidate's financial capabilities and decide on their stay approval.  IMM 0008 E Schedule 5 is an integral part of the Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008). This specific schedule focuses on financial declarations made by applicants wishing to immigrate to Canada. Completing the form correctly is paramount as any incorrect information can jeopardize the applicant's chances of getting approved. Who needs an IMM 0008 E Schedule 5? The IMM 0008 E Schedule 5 form is required for individuals who are keen to migrate to Canada permanently and have a sponsor within the country. The form is also necessary for sponsors who intend to support these prospective immigrants. How to Fill Out the IMM 0008 E Schedule 5 Filling out the IMM 0008 E Schedule 5 form might seem daunting, but with careful attention to detail, it's a straightforward process: Begin filling out the template by entering your full name into the specified fields. Write your family name (last name) in the 'Family name' field, and your first and middle names in the 'Given name(s)' field. Next, input your date of birth in the 'Date of birth' field. Ensure you follow the correct format which is 'YYYY-MM-DD'. The next section is the declaration. Here, you need to carefully read and understand its content. If the statement applies to you, that is, you and your family members intend to live in the province of Quebec, leave it as it is. If it doesn't apply to you, do not fill out this form. Once you have verified that all information provided is correct, proceed to the 'Signature' field. On the PDFliner website, you can generate an e-signature by using your mouse, or trackpad to draw a handwritten signature or upload a picture with your signature. Click to accept when you're satisfied with its look. Lastly, time-stamp your form by entering the current date in the 'Date' field. This must also be in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD'. After completing the form, ensure to review all provided details before submitting.  Remember, honesty is vital when filling out official forms as providing incorrect information may lead to penalties or delays in processing your documents. Beneficial features of the PDFLiner for completing the IMM 0008 E Schedule 5 The PDFLiner platform provides an easy way to complete and submit your IMM 0008 E Schedule 5 Form. Here are some of the key functions it offers: Fill out the form online: You can easily access the form template on the platform and fill it out directly from your browser. Save and edit: Allows you to save your progress at any time. You can then continue to fill out the form at your convenience. Sign electronically: With PDFLiner, you can sign your form from anywhere. This secure and legal method helps speed up the processing of your application. Print and download: Once completed, you can print or download your form for future reference.
  • IMM 5286 E Document Checklist IMM 5286 E Document Checklist Understanding the IMM 5286 E Checklist Form  The IMM 5286 E document checklist form is a crucial part of the immigration process for those seeking entry into Canada. It serves as an official list of items needed to complete the immigration application package. This checklist is highly important as it will help you check, locate and correct any missing documents. Incorrect and incomplete submission of the document package may result in a delay or even rejection of the application. Importance of the IMM 5286 E document checklist The IMM 5286 E form acts as a detailed guide focusing on the necessary documents and information needed to complete the immigration application package. It includes important information such as identification documents, financial forms, and other personal data required by the Canadian Immigration Service. A correctly filled-out form ensures a smoother process and reduces the risk of encountering issues during the application review. How to Fill Out the Form IMM 5286 E The process of filing the IMM 5286 E form is straightforward: Check the boxes next to each item to confirm that you have enclosed the following items: Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008). Additional Dependents / Declaration (IMM 0008DEP), if applicable. Schedule A - Background / Declaration (IMM 5669). Additional Family Information (IMM 5406). Use of a Representative (IMM 5476), if applicable. Document Checklist - Protected Persons - Permanent Residence (IMM 5286). Under "Identity and Relationship Documents", check the box to confirm that you have included a photocopy of all necessary documents. If you have any translations for your identity and relationship documents that are in a language other than English or French, check that box to confirm you have enclosed. Under "Photos", check the box to confirm that you have included two passport-size photos of yourself and any family members in Canada. Ensure the names are written on the back of each photo. For Protected Temporary Residents, check the box to confirm that a photocopy of your temporary resident permit or Minister's permit has been included. Confirm payment by checking the "Fee Receipt" box. Include detail on any overseas dependents in the provided space. Ensure all information is accurate and complete. Any missing information may result in the delay or denial of your application. Remember, all documents must be clear and legible. Once you have confirmed that all necessary boxes have been checked and all information inputted is correct, you can proceed to print or download the form.  Advantages of using PDFliner for IMM 5286 E document checklist PDFliner offers an easy and convenient way to fill IMM 5286 E Document Checklist Form online. It provides the form electronically, omitting the need for paper documentation thus making the whole process smoother. With PDFliner, users can fill the form, adopt an electronic signature and send the finished form directly from the platform.
  • IMM 5753E Request for Medical Exam IMM 5753E Request for Medical Exam What Is the IMM 5753E Request for Medical Exam Form? The IMM 5753E form, also recognized as the Ins Medical Form or the Request for Medical Exam Form, is a document primarily designed for immigration processes. This INS medical form is specially crafted for individuals who aim to migrate to Canada, particularly those applying for grassroot residency, requiring them to submit an appropriate health report. Importance of INS 5753E form The significance of the Canada medical examination form cannot be overstated. It aids the immigration officials in making an informed decision regarding your eligibility to migrate to Canada. Completing this form accurately and in a timely manner helps prevent any unnecessary delays in your immigration process. How to Fill Out the 5753E Medical Exams Form Filling out the form might seem complicated at first glance, but by following step-by-step guidelines, it becomes straightforward. Here's how to go about it. Start by identifying the need for a medical examination on the IMM 5753E Form. Evaluate your specific circumstances and conditions to confirm the necessity for a medical exam.  Identify the type of employment you are seeking. The IMM 5753E Request for Medical Exam Form requires this information, as certain types of employment necessitate a mandatory medical exam.  Chart your medical examination plan using the form. This involves a detailed forecast of your intended date for your medical tests, the medical institution where the examination will be conducted, and your preferred medical practitioner. The final step in filling out the IMM 5753E form is to tick the appropriate box under the medical examination necessity section of the form. This will come in two variations – ‘Yes, I want to complete a medical exam’ or ‘No’. Choose an option that aligns with your situation. Remember, every piece of information you provide in the IMM 5753E form should be as accurate and recent as possible. Conducting a comprehensive review of the filled form before submission will help enhance its accuracy, boosting your chances of acceptance. When do you need the IMM 5753E? The INS form IMM 5753E becomes necessary when applying for permanent residency in Canada or when an applicant's temporary residency exceeds six months and they have resided in certain countries or territories for at least six consecutive months in the last year. It's also required for applicants who want to work in public health professions.
  • IMM 5604 Form 2015 IMM 5604 Form 2015 IMM 5604 Form (2015)
  • IMM 5604 Form IMM 5604 Form What Is an IMM 5604 Form? An IMM 5604 form is an official document released by the Government of Canada that separates and dispensations apply. If you’re a foreign resident and need to notify the authorities about your family background, this form is what allows you to do so. The document requests information about your parents and siblings, providing an understanding of your background to the government. Purpose of the form IMM 5604 Knowing why this form is mandatory can be helpful when filling it out. Under Canadian immigration laws, every temporary resident must present their family details. This allows the government to be aware of who is in the country, understand their personal histories, mitigate potential risks, and manage the residents' affairs effectively. So, the IMM 5604 form essentially fulfills this mandate. How to Fill Out the IMM 5604 Form Understanding how to fill out the form is a primary step, so here are the basic steps to follow: Click on the first field and input your full name in capitals. Find the next field titled "Child's full name". Provide the full name of your child in capital letters in this field. Proceed to the "Child's date of birth" section. Input your child’s date of birth following the format mentioned on the form, which is YYYY-MM-DD. Under the “Parent/Guardian name” field, write your full name if you are the parent or guardian. Navigate to the "Relationship to child" section. Specify your relationship to the child (e.g., mother, father, guardian). If there is a second parent or guardian, input their full name in the field titled "Parent/Guardian name". Specify the relationship of the second parent or guardian to the child in the “Relationship to child” field. Scroll to the "Signature" field. Here sign your name electronically. Input the current date in the "Date (YYYY-MM-DD)" section. Provide your emergency contact telephone number in the field titled "Emergency contact telephone number". The witness must complete the "Place" field. This refers to the location where the form is being filled and witnessed. The witness should input their title and full name in block letters in the "Witness title and name in block letters" field. If the witness is a notary public, they must provide their professional chop/stamp in the space titled "Witness professional chop/stamp".  In the final section labelled "Signature of witness", the witness must provide their signature. Remember to thoroughly review your form before saving and submitting it to ensure all details are accurate and complete. Note that providing false or misleading information on this form may have serious implications or penalties over time. Required documentation Certain documents must be attached to substantiate the claims made in the IMM 5604 form. These include: A copy of the child’s birth certificate or adoption papers. Proof of the parent or guardian's identity, such as a passport. Documentation showing the non-accompanying parent or guardian’s lawful authority over the child. If applicable, a copy of a court order relating to custody rights.
  • IMM 1344 Form IMM 1344 Form Understanding the IMM 1344 Form Navigating the immigration process can be complex, but with a firm grasp of the documents required, such as the IMM 1344 form, the journey can be simpler. It's essential to understand this Canadian immigration form IMM 1344 in detail before filling it out. This form functions as a critical component of the family sponsorship application in Canada. The sponsor uses it to indicate their intent to support the applicant when they land in Canada. Fundamentals of the IMM 1344 fillable form The fillable IMM 1344 form is designed to be user-friendly and easy to fill out, especially when you access it from reliable sources like PDFliner. The fillable IMM form is highly advantageous as it ensures that users avoid errors that may occur due to manual entry. Completing the form digitally reduces the chance of overlooking necessary fields, thus increasing the accuracy of the submitted information. How to Fill Out the Form IMM 1344 This question is often asked, and though it may seem daunting, breaking it down into steps makes the process manageable: On the first page of the IMM 1344 form, under 'Sponsor', input details like the ten-digit Unique Client Identifier (UCI), full legal name, date of birth, gender, marital status, personal mailing address, and contact details.  Move to the 'Co-Signer' section if applicable. A co-signer is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who is financially and legally responsible for the applicant along with the sponsor. Fill in the required details such as UCI, full legal name, date of birth, and contact information. The next section, requires details about the person whom the sponsor wishes to bring to Canada. Input the UCI, name, date of birth, nationality, current place of residence, and other details of the sponsored person. In addition, provide details about the family members if they will accompany the person being sponsored to Canada. The 'Adoption' section is applicable for those who are sponsoring a child under adoption. Fill out this section if applicable. Then comes the 'Eligibility Assessment' section which is used to assess the eligibility of the sponsor and the co-signer. Sponsor and Co-Signer must answer all the questions with yes or no. The 'Residency Declaration' section requires you to declare your intention to live in Canada once the person being sponsored becomes a permanent resident. Under 'Undertaking', you will need to input the Information about the sponsor/co-signer, such as income from line 15000 of your “Notice of Assessment” for the most recent taxation year and the number of people you are already financially responsible for. The next section deals with your consent to let the IRCC disclose your information under certain conditions. Please read it carefully and fill it out if applicable. Read the declaration carefully in the 'Declaration' section and fill in the required details such as name, date, and place. Finally, add your 'Signature(s)' and 'Date'. If the form is filled with a co-signer, then the co-signer's signature should also be added in the specified place. Ensure you validate the signatures before submitting the form. Now you may get your completed form. The PDFLiner allows for an IMM 1344 form download directly from the website. Also, you may share or print it easily. Typical mistakes when filling out the form IMM 1344 This Canadian immigration form is crucial, and hence any mistakes could slow down the processing time or result in rejection. Here are some common mistakes to avoid: Providing inaccurate details: Always ensure your information is accurate and up-to-date. Inaccurate details can lead to miscommunication or even rejection. Proofread the form before submission. Ignoring instructions: Each section has guidelines on the information required. Not reading or ignoring these instructions often leads to providing inappropriate information. Not signing the form: Quite simply, if the form isn’t signed, it isn’t valid. Both the sponsor and the applicant must sign the form. Sending an incomplete form: Neglecting to provide some details can delay the process since the immigration team will need to contact you for the missing information.
  • Form Canada IMM 5257 Schedule 1 Form Canada IMM 5257 Schedule 1 Understanding IMM 5257 Schedule 1 First and foremost, let's explore what the IMM 5257 Schedule 1 form is. This form, used by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), is primarily utilized by individuals who intend to immigrate to Canada for various reasons, including work or study. It covers a wide array of personal information, along with detailed aspects of an individual's background. Why it’s important to fill out form Schedule 1 IMM 5257 correctly If an applicant doesn't complete the IMM 5257 Schedule 1 correctly, it may lead to the rejection of the application or, at least, cause significant delays in processing time. Hence, ensuring accuracy and completion is highly essential. From providing all relevant personal details to stating any past military service, the form should wholly represent the applicant's history and current status. Incorrect applications might lead to refusal and problems with future applications.  How to Fill Out Schedule 1 IMM 5257 Understanding how to fill out the IMM template is critical to avoid errors and expedite your visa application. So, here are some IMM 5257 Schedule 1 instructions for completing:  Start by filling out your Personal Details: Write your full name in the space provided for 'First name' and 'Last name'. Below this, input your date of birth in the format (YYYY-MM-DD). Next, fill out the UCI (Unique Client Identifier) field. This is an 8 or 10-digit number located on the documents you received from Canadian Immigration services. The next step includes details about your Military Service. If you have served in the military, tick 'Yes', and fill out the duration of your service (From-To) in the given format (YYYY-MM), the location/place where you were stationed, the province, and the country or territory. You will then be prompted to answer a question about War Crimes. If you have ever witnessed or participated in any ill-treatment of civilians or religious desecration, select 'Yes', then fill out the required fields, including the timeframe, location, province, country or territory, and provide any other relevant details. The next part asks about your Political Affiliation. If you have been associated with a political party or group that has advocated violence or engaged in criminal activity, select 'Yes' and provide required details including timeframe, name of the organization, activities or positions held within the organization, the province, and country or territory. In the section about Government Positions, if you have held a position in the government, select 'Yes', and provide the details from the time you held the position, country or territory, level of jurisdiction (national, regional, municipal), department/branch, and activities or positions held. The final section pertains to your Previous Travels. If you have traveled to any other country or territory apart from your current residence or country of citizenship in the past five years or from the age of 18, select 'Yes'. Provide details including the time duration (From-To), Country or Territory, Location, and the Purpose for Travel. Now you can share or export a completed document. For your convenience, the IMM 5257 Schedule 1 PDF download is available on the PDFLiner website.  Ensure you thoroughly review your responses before submitting them to ensure accuracy and completeness. This is crucial in providing accurate and complete information to the Canadian Immigration services and avoiding possible delays or denials of your application. Tips for completing IMM 5257 Schedule 1 Here are some tips to guide you through the process: Ensure all personal details are accurately filled out: This includes details such as your name, date of birth, nationality, and marital status among other details. Fill out your employment history accurately: You are required to provide your employment history for the last ten years or since you turned 18. List all your memberships or affiliations: It's essential to provide accurate information regarding your affiliations with any political, social, or other groups. Be sincere about your past: A thorough background check is usually conducted. Any misleading information can lead to your application being rejected.
  • IMM 1436E IMM 1436E What Is the IMM 1436 E Form? The IMM 1436E form pertains to the application for the renewal of a work or study permit in the United States, designed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Essentially, it provides a legal way for foreign nationals to extend their stay. This guide aims to shed light on the essentials of this form and help you understand how to fill it out correctly.  Purpose of the IMM 1436E Before attempting to comprehend the process of filling the form, it is crucial to understand its role. The IMM 1436E, otherwise known as Application to Amend (Record of Landing, Confirmation of Permanent Residence or Valid Temporary Resident Documents), is used by permanent residents and temporary visitors like students, workers or visitor visa holders. It is meant for applicants aiming to correct errors made by the Canadian immigration staff on the Record of Landing (IMM 1000) or Confirmation of Permanent Resident document (IMM 5292 or IMM 5688).  How to Fill Out the IMM 1436 E  Now, let's redirect our focus towards understanding the steps involved in correctly completing the IMM 1436E form: Enter your Client ID number or UCI in the appropriate field. Input your Family Name and Given Name in the respective slots provided. Ensure these details match what's written on your document. If you have any Other Name(s) used or Other Given Name(s) used, include them in the designated spaces. Specify your Gender from the drop-down options: Female/Male/Another gender. Enter your DOB and Place of Birth, according to the format, YYYY-MM-DD (for date) and City, state/province, country (for place of birth). Mention your Citizenship and Passport Number clearly. Indicate whether it's your date on entry or current by selecting the suitable option. Fill in the 'Date of Issue' and 'Expiry Date' sections, using the required date format stipulated. Click on your Marital Status and choose between English or French for your Language of Correspondence. Input your Current Mailing Address and Residential Address and select 'Yes' or 'No' to indicate if both addresses are the same. If 'No', furnish additional details as requested. Add your Telephone Number, Alternate Telephone Number, and E-mail Address appropriately. Specify the 'Date of Original Entry' and the 'Date Permanent Residence or Temporary Residence was Granted' precisely. Choose which of the documents in Part B you need to be corrected and fill out the corresponding informations. In Part C, tick 'Yes' or 'No' to indicate whether you've ever been convicted of a crime or offense in Canada or elsewhere since your admission as a permanent resident. If 'Yes', attach the relevant court documents. Write down the reasons for requesting the amendment(s) in the provided space. Attach an extra sheet if required. Review all the details you've provided and ensure they're correct before signing on the designated spot. Finally, fill in the date in the required format, YYYY-MM-DD. You have now successfully completed filling out the IMM 1436E form on PDFliner. When to use the IMM 1436E form? This IMM form is not for everyday use and should be reserved for specific purposes. Remember, it's crucial to amend the permit on time to avoid any legal challenges. The specific circumstances include: If you are an international student who wants to extend your study permit duration. If you need to renew your work permit. If you wish to modify certain conditions on your current study or work permit. If you're transitioning from one visa category to another and need to formalize your new status.

What Are the IMM Forms?

If you are looking for immigration to Canada, you have to learn details on IMM forms. There are different types that must be filed by the non-residents of Canada who want to live and work there. The Canadian immigration forms must be filed with the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada Organization. The forms are available either on the official website of the Canadian government or via PDFLiner. They are signed by non-Canadians who want to stay in Canada longer than via tourist visa.

It is easy to get lost in over 8 pages of various forms that contain IMM indexes. You won’t need all of them in practice. You might require to file not one but several forms. However, there are specifications and guides to each form which you will find on PDFLiner. Based on your purposes, you might need such Canadian visa application forms:

  • IMM 1294 is filed by students who want to receive a Study Permit outside Canada;
  • IMM 5257 E is the basic application for a temporary resident visa;
  • IMM 5710 which allows you to change the conditions of your residence in Canada, extend the dates, or remain as a worker.

These are only three different examples of these forms. You can find the specific form and schedule for it based on your case. You have to apply for it with the appropriate documents attached.

Most Popular Canadian Immigration Forms

PDFLiner contains 3 pages with basic templates of Canadian immigration application forms. You can find more variations on the official website. Think about your purposes in Canada and why you need to apply for the visa. Based on the goals, you can easily find the forms you need. Here are the most popular forms that users download or fill online via PDFLiner:

  1. The fillable 5257 E form is one of the basic Canadian government immigration forms for those who apply for temporary resident visas. It is made in English and French languages, and you can pick one of them to fill in the document. Include your full name, date of birth, citizenship, number of passports, and expiration date. You have to specify there that you have no connection to any criminal organization, have never committed war crimes, and you have to be 18 years old or over. You need to include information about your spouse if you have one.
  2. The 5476 form is made for representatives. You don’t need to hire a representative if you want to receive free-of-charge services. You can also pick representatives you trust and pay for the services. They will represent you in front of the Canadian government and even run businesses on your behalf. Include detailed information about the applicant, including the UCI number if you know it. Include the information about the representative. Provide addresses and phone numbers.
  3. Form IMM 5710 allows you to change the conditions of residence, extend the stay, or even remain as an employee. If you have your work permit expiring, you have to fill out the form. If you have an expired document and you are still in Canada, you don’t have any status. You can re-apply and restore your working status. Yet, it is better to do it before the deadline or you will have to pay extra fees of 455 CAD. This form can be applied online. Before you start filling it out, make sure you have all the documents in front of you.
  4. The form IMM 5669 is also known as Schedule A. It is the form based on your background. We recommend making several photocopies of the form in advance. You have to indicate yourself and write down your full name, native language, date of birth, and details about your father and your mother, including the birth name and given name. After that, you just need to put ticks in the appropriate boxes that match your answers. It is about the previous attempts to receive permanent residence in Canada. Include information about your education, your personal history, organizations you’ve been a member of, positions in government if you obtained any, and military service.
  5. The form IMM 5768 E is the financial evaluation for parents and grandparents if they want to be your sponsors. You have to specify whether your sponsor can provide the financial support that will be enough for living in Canada. The form is required by all applications for sponsorships. If you have a relative who wants to sponsor the immigration process, you need to fill the form with the data about this person, including their income, debts, and assets.

How to Get Canadian Immigration Application Forms?

PDFLiner offers you any Canadian immigration application form PDF you might need. You have to search for it in the search panel. If you don’t remember the number, you might still remember the name. You can just check out the list and find the one you need. After that, just follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the page of the form you have picked. You will see a detailed description of this form and recommendations for how to fill it. Once you read it, you can move further;
  2. Press the “Fill Online” button you see near the image of the form.
  3. The PDFLiner editor will appear in front of you. Fill the sections that are highlighted with the essential information. Once it is ready, press “Done.”
  4. You can print out this form or save it on your device. Email the form to the Canadian officials.
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