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What is Form 8911?

The 8911 Form is a simple one-page document that you can use to calculate tax credits if you own a vehicle that runs on alternative fuels. Depending on whether you use the property for business or personal purposes, you will need data from various other forms.

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What do I need the tax form 8911 for?

  • Use the blank if you have an alternative fuel vehicle, as you might be eligible for a tax credit.
  • The maximum discount you can get is 30% or $1000. The IRS chooses the smallest option based on your calculations.
  • There is a certain list of requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible to apply for this kind of credit. So read the IRS Form 8911 instructions carefully to see if you qualify or not.

How to Fill Out IRS Form 8911?

Step 1: Enter your name and the identification number you used on Form 1040.

Step 2: Write the value of the qualified vehicle that entered service in the current year.

Step 3: Calculate the amount of credit you can claim when using the property for business purposes. If you do not use it for personal matters, you can skip other sections and stop here.

Step 4: Determine the amount of credit for the personal use of the car.

Step 5: Follow the instructions to understand which results to transfer to your personal return or Schedules and Forms for corporations.

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Organizations that work with Form 8911

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(4.5 / 5) 102 votes
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