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1. What is an 8898 Form? 

The fillable Form 8898 (Statement for Individuals Who Begin or End Bona Fide Residence in a U.S. Possession) is a federal tax form designed by the Internal Revenue Service to be used for reporting personal information to the IRS for beginning or ending Bona Fide residence in the country. This form cannot be filed jointly if you are married and isn’t followed by other documents unless an opposite is requested. 

2. What I need the 8898 Form for?

  • File this form to state your will to begin bona fide residence in the US. The form gathers all the needed information to prove your eligibility;
  • File to stop your Bona Fide residence;
  • Don’t file along with your tax return. 

3. How to fill out Form 8898? 

This form’s blank consists of 2 pages split into parts:

  • Enter your name, address, SSN (Social Security Number);
  • Part I – check the needed boxes to claim your status and enter your average gross income for the 3 years prior to your arrival. 
  • Part II – enter the information about the length of your presence in the US and state possessions if you have any;
  • Part III – reply to all the questions 9-29 to describe your closer connections to the US, other countries, or possessions;
  • Part IV – answer questions 29 – 33 to describe your source of income from business or else;
  • Sign and date the form for validation of the data. 

You can benefit from using PDFLiner and download Form 8898 or print it directly from this page. Else, you can fill a PDF online to receive a complete copy for printing or direct e-mailing to the IRS. Everything is free within a 10-day trial. 

4. Organizations that work with Form 8898

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Form Versions

2020 Form 8898 (2020) Fill Out Form
Fillable online Form 8898 (2022)
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