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  • 02 Sign it online Sign Form 8821
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What is Form 8821?

Form 8821 is also called the Tax Information Authorization. It was created and released by the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service, where you have to file it after it is filled. Some sections are made for the IRS use and must be left empty. There are strict rules for the document. You have to learn what is tax form 8821 used for and how to send it. The main demand is not to use it as the request for the tax return copies. You can’t also use it to allow another person to become your representative in front of the IRS.

The form was created for taxpayers who don’t want to keep their original financial inspector and find another party to work with. This person must be trustable. Once you sign IRS-8821 form the person, firm, organization, or corporation can receive access to the inspection of your private information on the taxes you pay and money you own.

What I need the Form 8821 for?

  • You may need to fill IRS form 8821 in several cases. One of the most popular is to allow a third party to get your taxes information when you decide to apply for the mortgage and you need a professional opinion. Make sure that the time limit of the request is suitable for the demand;
  • You can also use the 8821 tax form in case you need to hire a tax advocate. The person will help you to correct mistakes you’ve made on the tax return form and calculate your income. The third party is usually hired by the taxpayer to help with the taxes;
  • The IRS asks for the 8821 form to make sure that you trust the person you want to share private information to do it.

 Form 8821 on PDFLiner

How to Fill Out Form 8821?

The IRS form 8821 PDF is available on the IRS official website. The portal contains all the templates it has created since the beginning. Search for the document using the search bar. You will be able to also check out the instructions, separated from the form. If you prefer to complete the document online, you have to use PDFLiner. This is an online editing service with all the tools you need to fill the empty sections of the template.

Once you fill in the blank, you can save it on your own device, print it, and send it to the IRS via the post office or send it by email. It is up to you. The document is not complicated but you still have to pay attention to the instructions that help you to learn how to fill out 8821 form. Provide the following information in the blank:

  1. Fill in the information on the taxpayer, including the name, address, ID number, and phone number;
  2. Provide information on the designee you choose, including the name, address, phone number, and fax number;
  3. Put the tick in the box if you want the copy to be sent to the person;
  4. Provide your tax information, including the one that the designee of your choice is going to inspect. Specify the type of tax information you are willing to share, the period you want to open for the inspection, number of the tax form, and specific matters of the tax;
  5. Read the statement in sections 4 and 5 and put the tick in the appropriate boxes that match your intentions;
  6. Sign the document, and provide your name, title, and current date.

 Form 8821 on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with Form 8821

  • Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.

Where to send form 8821?

There is detailed information on each form that the IRS provides. There are rules that the IRS wants you to follow, including the way you send the document to them. Some forms can be sent online via the official app of the department, others can be sent to the nearest address from your state. The IRS offers to check out the address in advance before you fill it out to make sure that you will not miss the deadline.This form can be sent either online to the IRS or to the nearest box office. You will find the address within the form. The address can be changed from year to year, so you have to find a fresh update.

Fillable online Form 8821
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