Form 815, Working with a Commercial REALTOR


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Understanding the 815 Form

Form 815 is a critical tool for those intending to embark on any form of business dealing in commercial real estate. This form provides specific guidelines that clarify expectations and delineates roles between two parties engaging in the sales or leasing of commercial real estate. It's essentially a binding agreement which is primarily a protective measure for both the client and the commercial realtor. 

Using form 815 when working with a commercial realtor

Defined terms are fundamental in eliminating potential disagreements and misunderstandings that may arise in commercial real estate transactions. Working with a commercial realtor form, which is another name for form 815, provides a comprehensive framework for outlining the responsibilities and expectations of both the realtor and the client. It is largely used to authenticate the contractual agreement between these two parties, hence serving as a vital legal precaution. 

How to Fill Out 815 Form

Filling out OREA form 815 involves detailing your understanding and agreement with the brokerage representing you in commercial real estate transactions.

  1. Start by finding the section of the form titled "Acknowledgement" where you need to indicate your understanding of the information provided about working with a commercial REALTOR. You will need to print your name, confirm that you have read and understood the contents, and that you have received a copy of this form.
  2. Next, navigate to the sections designated for either "Sellers" or "Buyers" depending on your role in the transaction. Here, you will select whether the brokerage represents your interests, which is documented in a separate written agency representation agreement, or if the brokerage is not representing your interests and is instead providing a limited customer service, documented in a separate written customer service agreement. Mark your choice by initializing next to the applicable statement.
  3. Once you have made your selection, proceed to the signature fields, where you and any other relevant parties must sign and date the form to validate your understanding of and acceptance of the terms of service with the brokerage. 
  4. Ensure that all the details you've filled in are correct and reflect your intentions and agreement accurately. After completing the form, you can save or print the document directly from PDFliner for your records or further processing.

Significance of the form 815

Every thriving commercial real estate involvement is rooted in transparency, clarity, and protection, and form 815 is the ideal tool to ensure this. Detailing the rights, duties, terms, and conditions of the service engagement sets the stage for a fruitful partnership between the client and the commercial realtor. 

Remember, real estate transactions can be complicated, and failure to fully understand and document agreements can lead to significant issues down the line. With the 815 form available on PDFliner, you can avoid such complexities and inconveniences for a smoother, seamless, and successful real estate transaction.

Fillable online Form 815, Working with a Commercial REALTOR
(4.8 / 5) 102 votes
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