Politically Exposed Persons Declaration Form


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What is the Politically Exposed Persons Declaration Form?

This politically exposed person PEP was created by the Home Trust organization as a part of the Canadian anti-terrorist and anti-money laundering financial legislation. Canadian laws require that all the companies who have the connection to the clients who are politically exposed filled the template. If you are not sure whether the person can be called a PEP, find out whether there is a share of the prominent public information this resident received.

Such people are recognized as the highest risk assets for the potential bribery involvement and possible corruption. Based on the person’s position in the company, the government has to receive updates and make sure that there is a limited influence on other employees from this person. You have to provide a description of this person’s position in the institution.

The document must be provided to the officials without exposing it to the PEP. You need to make sure that the information is correct there. If you have a relationship with the person, you also need to indicate it.

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What I need the Politically Exposed Persons Declaration Form for?

  • You need to fill out PEPs full form if you have a politically exposed person working in your institution and you suspect that this person has a wide range of responsibilities that, with access to private information, can have an effect on other people. This person has to be entrusted with public information that can’t be shared to a wide audience, and you believe that it can be used in the form of bribery or corruption by this person;
  • If you believe your employee is a PEP, you have to fill out the politically exposed person form to the officials and make sure that they receive the updates in advance. If the person obtains access to the secure information and is not a junior official or middle-ranking employee, you can fill out the document.

How to Fill Out the Politically Exposed Persons Declaration Form?

The PEP declaration is only one page long. It is simple to fill out even if you have never completed any other forms. There is a simple guide in the form. Each section you have to complete is described so you understand what to do. The form is available on the official website of the Canadian government.

Apart from that, you can find it online. Yet, if you don’t want to waste your time, you can use PDFLiner. This online editor of PDF documents is filled with helpful instruments that allow you to fill the template without downloading it or printing it. Open the form and complete it. Once you are done, send it to the officials via email or print it and send it by regular mail. Here is what you have to include there:

  • Provide information about the client, including name, account type, and the number, if you know it;
  • Fill out the questionnaire on additional connections that this person has;
  • Provide information on the PEP, including name and position in the office or institution. Include the relationship to the person;
  • Sign the declaration and put the current date.

Organizations that work with Politically Exposed Persons Declaration Form

  • Canadian Home Trust Organization;
  • Canadian Government.
Fillable online Politically Exposed Persons Declaration Form
(4.8 / 5) 30 votes
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