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What is a 3911 Form?

Form 3911 is used for filing a claim that you have not received a refund. This document is directly linked to your annual tax return. If you filled it out correctly and submitted it on time but did not receive the refund, you can request the revenue service to conduct a review. To complete this document, you will need data from your tax return.

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What do I need Form 3911 for?

  • The main purpose of this free form is to track missing tax refunds. If you received a check but lost it, you can request to send it again.
  • Since the refund can be issued as a direct deposit, you can also use this online paper to declare that you have not received it.
  • The blank can also be used to search for stimulus payment that you may not have received on time.
  • If you have lost a check that you already signed, and it was cashed by someone else, the service will not be able to send it to you again.

How to fill out Form 3911?

The fillable Form 3911 lists all possible options and reasons why you did not receive a refund. Your task is to provide personal (or business) information to help the revenue service understand the problem.

  • The first section is devoted to your personal data and the info about your spouse.
  • In section two of this PDF file, you should indicate the complete information about the refund that you should have received. You can get it from your tax return.
  • In the fourth section, you should put your sign. If it was supposed to be a joint return, then your spouse should also sign the form.
  • The fifth point is filled in by the revenue service. When done, download Form 3911 to your device and print it to send to the IRS.

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Organizations that work with Form 3911

  • IRS

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2018 Fillable Form 3911 (2018) Fill Out Form
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