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Unraveling the Details of Form 170

The modern realm of advertising is encompassed by meticulous regulations and specific protocols that must be explicitly followed. At the heart of these norms lies the prominent ‘consent to advertise form’. This OREA document is a key tool for businesses looking to tap into new advertising opportunities.

Deep dive into Form 170 

Emerging as one of the prime documents in the advertising sector, Form 170 is quintessential for businesses. It effectively channels the much-needed legal consent pertaining to advertisements. Form 170 has been designed by the USPS to enable an entity to legally utilize images and intellectual property of other entities for advertising purposes.

The document contains sections for the consenting party to fill out their contact information, describe the details of the advertisement, and sign to verify their agreement. As a standard legal document, all information must be correctly filled to avoid potential legal complications.

How to Fill Out Form 170

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to fill out the OREA Consent to Advertise:

  1. Begin by identifying the buyer and seller involved in the transaction. Write the full name of the buyer in the space provided under "BUYER:" and the seller under "SELLER:". Ensure you use the names as they appear in the official documents related to the property transaction.
  2. Next, you need to fill in the details of the Brokerages involved. In the spaces provided, specify the name of the Listing Brokerage and, if applicable, the Co-operating Brokerage.
  3. Proceed to provide the address or description of the property under the section titled "Concerning the property known as:". This should be detailed enough to uniquely identify the property but within the constraints of what is allowed for advertising.
  4. The form allows for specific aspects of the transaction to be advertised. These include the sale price, identifying features of any party to the sale, details that could identify the property, and any other terms from the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. 
  5. For each item you wish to consent to advertise, fill in any additional remarks if necessary in the corresponding "Remarks:" sections. This could include specifics on how much information can be disclosed.
  6. Each item listed for consent requires initials from both the buyer and seller to be legally effective. Ensure that all parties involved initial beside each item they agree to be advertised as indicated in the note on the form that specifies the requirement for initials.
  7. Review the section titled "Comments" to add any additional notes or specifications about the advertising consent that the pre-set options in the form might not cover.
  8. For the form to be officially valid, it must be signed and sealed by the buyer and seller in the presence of a witness. Fill out the signature, seal, and date sections for both the buyer and seller. Each party must sign and date their section in the presence of a witness who also signs the form. Here, you may use the send to sign feature.
  9. Once all sections are completed, review the form to ensure all information is accurate and all necessary fields are filled out according to the agreement between the buyer, seller, and the Brokerages.

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Fillable online Form 170, Consent to Advertise
(4.5 / 5) 57 votes
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