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What Is OREA Form 145, Assignment of Agreement of Purchase and Sale Ontario?

OREA Form 145 is used for the official purchase or sale of the real property. Both assignee and assignor should sign this fillable form. It has basic provisions like most other contracts, but individuals can fill it out for resale too. 

What Do I Need the Form 145?

  • If you are planning to sell your real estate, and you want to confirm it officially; 
  • in case you’re buying real estate by arrangement, you should fill out this form and give it to the seller for signing;
  • if you’re planning to resale the real estate you have bought earlier. 

How to Fill Out OREA Form 145?

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This printable real estate contract assignment form consists of six pages that can be filled out online. You may also sign this PDF document online or print it. 

  1. The first page includes the main information about the real estate for sale. You should fill out the address, price, and deposit. Here you also indicate Assignee and Assignor names;
  2. The second page requires the Assignee and Assignor email addresses or faxes;
  3. You don’t need to fill out anything on the third page, it describes the provisions of the contract;
  4. The fourth page includes successors and assigns section and acknowledgment of lawyers on both sides;
  5. Schedule A requires you to fill out the main information about Assignee and Assignor and the real estate for purchase;
  6. Schedule B should be filled out if you make a resale of the real estate. 

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Organizations That Work With Assignment of Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement Template

Ontario Real Estate Association.

Form Versions

2019 Fillable OREA Form 145 for 2019 Fill Out Form

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Fillable online OREA Form 145
(4.9 / 5) 83 votes
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