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What Is 14446 Form?

Form 14446 is required if a taxpayer applies for free tax calculation assistance from VITA/TCE remotely, via one of the specializing sites. This form is used for getting the taxpayer’s consent to have their data processed digitally and reviewed by IRS employees if necessary.

What Do I Need Form 14446 for?

This form is used for making agreements between VITA/TCE sites and taxpayers using their services, regardless of their business. If you are a taxpayer, you only need to provide your personal data and confirm your consent. A VITA/TCE side needs to fill its part of the Form (Page 1 and 2) and send it to the taxpayer, with the instructions how to fill out form 14446 Page 3.. Then the taxpayer fills Page 3 and files the form back to the s

How to Fill Out Form 14446?

Form 14446 is filled online by two sides.

If you represent a VITA/TCE site, you are required to fill Page 1 and Page 2.

  • Provide site details as required on Page 1
  • Tick the boxes to select tax preparation methods you use on your site
  • Describe the details of your communication with taxpayers on the site.

The last part of it may require more than one try and so a draft or several. You better download a fillable Form 144446 PDF and perfect your explanation.

If you are a taxpayer using VITA/TCE services to calculate your tax return, you are required to fill Page 3.

  • Confirm your consent to have your return revised by an IRS employee by ticking the box
  • Confirm your consent to provide your data to Virtual VITA/TCE Process
  • Provide your personal data (name, date of birth, electronic or type/print signature)

You can download Form 14446 blank version and print it in order to examine it before the appointed time. This way, you can feel more assured about it.

Organizations that work with Form 14446

  • VITA/TCE sites
  • IRS
Fillable online Form 14446
(4.5 / 5) 70 votes
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