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What Is Application for Missouri Title and License?

Missouri application for title and license is also known as DOR 108 form for all drivers who registered their vehicle in Missouri. This is an official document that must be filled out by the local residents who want to receive the license and title for the vehicle. The MO form 108 must be filled also by newly arrived citizens.

They need to fill out the form right away, before the deadline in 30 days during which you need to change the plates. Those who filled out the form have to wait for the Missouri department of revenue decision that allows them to switch titles and licenses to a local one.

You will have to fill out the application, show the certificate of ownership, and the ability to pay for any incidents that happen because of you. You need to have an insurance policy for the vehicle. After that, you may receive new plates. You have to prove yourself a responsible driver.

Form 108 on PDFLiner

What I need the Missouri title application for?

  • The Missouri department of revenue application for Missouri title and license is required by any driver who lives in Missouri and owns a vehicle. This form must be filled to register a new vehicle and license in the state;
  • The 108 form is required by the Missouri department of revenue to get information about newly registered drivers. This form allows finding out the insurance that can cover a wide range of accidents and the ability of drivers to pay for accidents caused by them;
  • The form can be used in court by officials and drivers in cases when any party needs to prove that the vehicle belongs to a particular person and a resident of Missouri.

How to Fill Out Form 108 Missouri?

You may find an application for Missouri title and license example here, on PDFLiner. The form is only 2 pages long. Don’t worry, the second page contains detailed explanations for the first page. You have to fill only one page, but you need to be extremely careful with it.

There are numerous boxes and lines that must be completed. Once you complete it online via PDFLiner, you may save it on your device and send it to the Missouri Department of Revenue. Here are detailed instructions on how to fill out Missouri title application and license:

  1. Pick the trans type, in the right corner of the page;
  2. Fill in the information about the owner, including name, address, city, state, email, and phone;
  3. Write down the data about your vehicle, including year, color, ID, fuel, mileage, and body style;
  4. Provide information on the lien and the address to send the security agreement;
  5. Include information about the transfer of the vehicle or trade-in;
  6. Put the owner's signature;
  7. Write the dealer information;
  8. Include the information on the notary;
  9. Leave the empty window for office validation of the form. Approval or rejection.

Organizations that work with Missouri form 108

  • Missouri Department of Revenue;
  • Any court around the US.

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2021 Fillable Missouri Form 108 for 2021 Fill Out Form
Fillable online Missouri Form 108
(5 / 5) 74 votes
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