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What is a DD 2481 form?

DD Form 2481 is used to request US Army employees' debt to the state and gradually deduct the amount due from their salaries. It is a short two-page blank, half of which is occupied by the detailed instructions. Depending on the individual situation, documents may be required to prove the legality of collecting money.

What do I need the DD Form 2481 for?

  • Regardless of how you got a debt to the state, this free form is used for deducting the corresponding amounts from your salary in case you requested a hearing or did not respond to a demand for payment.
  • Also, this PDF paper can be used as confirmation that your debt has already been paid off.
  • The document applies exclusively to the US Army business and relates only to its employees.

How to fill out DD Form 2481?

This online form is filled out only by a creditor and the DFAS office; however, it specifies the personal data of an employee with debt.

  • The first block contains the information about the paying office; the second one is about the employee (their name, address, date of birth, contact phone number, and SSN).
  • The next part is devoted to a detailed statement of the debt reason, the calculation of the amount to be paid, and regular deductions. The responsible person should also indicate the reason for using the fillable DD Form 2481 (e.g., an employee requested a hearing) and attach the appropriate documents.
  • The fifth block specifies the data of the organization that initiated this collection.
  • When finished, download DD Form 2481 to your computer, send it to a recipient by email, or print it.

Organizations that work with DD Form 2481

  • US Department of Defense
  • DFAS
Fillable online DD Form 2481
(4.8 / 5) 44 votes
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