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What is Blank Sheet Cake Order Form 2024?

The fillable Sheet Cake Order Form allows you to request a cake from one of Costco’s bakeries for various occasions: birthdays, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras, college graduations, and so forth.
In the form, you provide some necessary details. For example, you can choose:

  • Chocolate or white cake with a respective filling.
  • Writing on the cake if necessary.
  • Your contact details.

Besides, via blank you can request additional cake decorations: balloons, American flag, graduation, chocolate bouquet, sport activities, and so on.

What I need the Costco Online Cake Order for?

The Sheet Cake Order Form is used for purchasing a Costco cake. Unfortunately, you can’t order it online. Costco accepts only physical paper blanks submitted at the store.

You should provide such a blank at least two days prior to the event so that the bakers can fulfill your request in detail. Since a Costco’s sheet cake weighs about a nine-and-a-half pound, it takes some time to produce it.

How to fill out Blank Sheet Cake Order Form?

Ordering a cake at Costco is a process that requires from you to fill the form.  Here’s how to fill out Sheet Cake Order Form:

  1. Choose one of two cake types: White or Chocolate.
  2. Choose extra decorations.
  3. Write in the writing on the cake.
  4. Provide your contact details + pickup date/time.

Use a PDFLiner blank form for that. You type in all necessary details online and then download the finished request blank for free. Using the printed text will speed up things a bit.
The platform offers a convenient service package. You can share documents online with your colleagues, create your own e-signature, find any legal US blank, and so forth.

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Fillable online Costco Cake Order Form
(4.7 / 5) 106 votes
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