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What is AF Form 1314?

AF 1314 form is a vital document used by the United States Air Force for the registration of firearms. It serves as an official record to document the ownership and possession of firearms by individuals within the Air Force community. PDFliner, a leading online document management platform, provides a convenient and user-friendly solution for completing and submitting AF 1314 form electronically.

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Why is AF 1314 important?

The registration of firearms is crucial for maintaining safety and security within the Air Force community. AF 1314 form ensures that individuals possessing firearms have gone through the necessary procedures and have met all the requirements set forth by the Air Force. By accurately completing and submitting this form, Air Force personnel can demonstrate their responsible ownership and adherence to established regulations.

How to Fill Out AF 1314 Firearms Registration

PDFliner simplifies the process of completing the AF 1314 form template by offering a comprehensive online platform. Here's a step-by-step guide to filling out the 1314 form:

  1. Fill out the Personal Information section, including your name, rank, social security number, unit, and date of birth.
  2. Fill out the Firearm Information section, including the make, model, caliber, and serial number of the firearm.
  3. Indicate the type of weapon by checking the appropriate box.
  4. Provide the place of acquisition and the date the firearm was acquired.
  5. Fill out the reason for the registration in the Remarks section.
  6. Sign and date the finished document in the appropriate spaces.
  7. Submit the completed firearms registration form to your unit’s security officer.

What states require you to registration a firearms?

Several states within the United States require firearm registration. Here is a listing of the states and their respective regulations:

  • California: The registration of all .50 caliber rifles and firearms defined by California law as assault weapons is compulsory.
  • Connecticut: Registration is required for all firearms and magazines defined as assault weapons and high-capacity magazines by state law.
  • District of Columbia: Registration is required for all firearms.
  • Hawaii: Every firearm, irrespective of the type, must be registered.
  • Maryland: Every firearm defined in Maryland law as an assault pistol must be registered.
  • Michigan: Pistol purchases must be accompanied by a local license, which is then forwarded to the state's pistol entry database.
  • New Jersey: Registration is required for any weapons defined as assault weapons by state law.
  • New York: Every handgun and firearm defined by New York law as assault weapons must be registered.

Some states, like Tennessee, require only a Bill of Sale for a firearm.

Fillable online AF Form 1314 - Firearms Registration
(4.5 / 5) 55 votes
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