12 Receipt Templates

  • Payment Receipt Template Payment Receipt Template Getting an Editable Payment Receipt Template PDF The receipt of payment template is ready to be filled and can be found in PDFLiner catalog. Either push the "Fill this form" button or follow the steps below in case you need to find the form on o
  • Child Care Receipt for Tax Purposes Child Care Receipt for Tax Purposes What Is a Child Care Tax Receipt Template? A Child Care Expenses Receipt/Affidavit for Income Tax Purposes Form is a document used to claim child care expenses on your income tax return. If you paid someone to take care of your child while you were workin
  • Security Deposit Receipt Template Security Deposit Receipt Template What is a Security Deposit Receipt? A receipt of security deposit is a document that is provided to a tenant at the time a security deposit is paid. The receipt documents the amount of the security deposit and the terms under which it will be held. T
  • Used Car Sales Receipt Template Used Car Sales Receipt Template What is Used Car Sales Receipt Template? The used car sales receipt is the document that is filled out by the seller and provided to the buyer. This is an agreement on the purchase of the car that can be provided by the car dealership as well as by the pr
  • Car (Vehicle) Purchase Deposit Receipt Template Car (Vehicle) Purchase Deposit Receipt Template Getting a Car Deposit Receipt Template PDF Find the blank receipt of deposit template in the PDFLiner documents library. To start filling out the form, click the “Fill this form” button, or if you would like to know how to find it here le
  • U Haul Receipt U Haul Receipt What Is the U Haul Receipt? The U Haul receipt is a bill of service given upon completion of a transaction with U-Haul. It details all administered services, their respective costs, and transaction date. This receipt is also useful for future reference or
  • Amazon Receipt Template Amazon Receipt Template Where to Get Fillable Amazon Receipt Template? You'll be able to obtain the blank form from the PDFLiner catalog. Push the blue button to load the editor, or proceed with the guide below: Enter our main page. In the Search
  • Rent Receipt Template Rent Receipt Template Receipt for Rent Template: What Is It?  Rent receipt is a document that confirms that the renter has paid their monthly rent. You can find a printable free rent receipt template PDF here on PDFLiner, adjust it to suit your situation online, and make
  • Firm Delivery Receipt Firm Delivery Receipt What is Firm Delivery Receipt? Firm Delivery Receipt is a legal form released by USPS (U.S. Postal Service). It is being used country-wide since its release on 1, December 1994. It is also known as a PS Form 3883-A. What I need the Firm Deliver
  • Cash Receipt Template Cash Receipt Template What is the Printable Cash Receipt Template Form? The Cash Receipt Template Form is a fillable statement form that is designed to acknowledge that a specific service was provided or an object sold for a particular payment amount. The issuing of cash recei
  • House Rent Receipt Template In Pdf Format House Rent Receipt Template In Pdf Format What Is a Housing Rent Receipt It is a pre-drafted file that serves as a structured format for documenting rental payments between a proprietor and a renter. It includes essential details such as the renter's name, proprietor's name, property addr
  • Delivery Receipt Delivery Receipt What Is Receipt for Delivery A receipt for delivery is a document that serves as evidence of the successful transfer of goods or services from one party to another. It records essential details such as the date, description of items, quantity, and recipie
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What Are the Downloadable Receipt Templates?

Business receipt templates are versatile tools that speed up your paperwork and make it easy to confirm receipt of payment from customers. With the help of the PDFLiner editor and our collection of forms, you can generate the desired document in a few clicks. Within this category, you will find templates for a variety of situations, payment methods, and destinations.

You can modify any of them by adding the required fields and even extra pages to them. Remember that under the laws of many countries, businesses are required to issue receipts after each payment. Having professional templates on hand speeds up processing documentation so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Most Popular Online Receipt Templates

In our collection of free printable receipt templates, we have blanks suitable for a variety of occasions. A total of 26 forms are collected here, which you can customize as you need or use as they are on the site. Among the most popular types are the following:

Rental Receipt Templates.

They are designed for those entrepreneurs who rent residential and commercial premises. Like all such files, they contain information about the payer and the amount of payment. Their distinctive feature is the indication of the period for which the rent was paid and the premises that are rented out. By filling out receipt templates free and providing ready-made documents to clients, you fix the fact of payment and renewal of the lease.

Cash Receipt Templates

Now, most businesses switch to electronic and contactless payment methods. However, you should provide your customers with the option to pay in cash if this is more convenient for them. Our cash receipt templates PDF allow you to accept payments in this form and enter them into your accounting records correctly. As in any other receipt, they contain the same information that confirms the completion of a transaction, which makes them legally correct documents.

Sales Receipt Templates

This paper format is an extended version of standard receipts. Sales receipts usually list all goods and services provided to a client, their volume, cost, discounts, as well as payment details: date, method, sum, etc. All this makes inventory, accounting, and tax preparation easier since all the necessary data about a particular transaction is in one document.

Donation Receipt Templates

Charity, like any other activity, is subject to documentation. If someone donates money for something, such a transaction requires appropriate paperwork. For it, we have specialized printable receipt templates that allow you to record the fact of the money transfer, the payer, the organization that accepted the donation, and other information that is later needed for reports to the tax service.

These four types are the most popular, but our collection also has receipt templates that you can use when buying and selling vehicles, delivering goods, providing services, and so on. We also have templates for log books, universal documents that represent a summary of all events for a selected period of your work, and are a convenient accounting tool.

If this collection does not contain the form you need, you can take any of the files presented here as a basis and supply it with the necessary fields, blocks, lines, and other objects.

How to Use the Online Receipt Templates?

Remember that receipts are issued when your customers make payments for the services or goods provided. The sooner you send the necessary paperwork, the better because the payers will be sure their money got into your account. If you have many clients and orders, you will have to generate such papers often. Here ready-made templates will come to your aid.

Our goal in creating printable blank receipt templates is to make the paperwork easy for any user, regardless of their experience with such tools. That is why they are really easy to master. However, here's a quick guide to help you figure out what's what.

1. Choose a template

Explore our collection of official receipt templates and choose the one that suits you best. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, the editor has plenty of tools for modifying files. You can also use your own docs to create receipts, for example, based on previously submitted invoices. Upload any document you need from your device or simply pick one from our library and open it in the PDFLiner editor.

2. Fill out the template 

Remember that for such documents, the key information is:

  • data of a payer;
  • details of a payee;
  • date and amount of payment;
  • purpose of payment.
    If a particular situation requires additional data, use the editor tools to add lines, fields, and pages.

3. Send the receipt to a payer

Check your document for errors or typos, make sure it contains all the necessary information, and send it to the payer. You can do it by email or by generating a link to download it. If necessary, you can print out the receipt and hand it over to the recipient in person.

Do not forget that you must keep copies of all documents (in electronic or paper form) for your internal records.

Receipt vs Invoice: Is There a Difference?

At first glance, it might seem that the content of invoices and receipts is the same. However, there is one key difference in when these documents are created.

  • Invoices contain information about the completed order and are a demand for payment for the goods and services provided. That is, you create them after the order is completed but before customers make payments. At the same time, if the format of your work provides for compensation immediately after the provision of goods or services, there is no need to create invoices.
  • Receipts are documents that confirm receipt of payment. There, you can find both data about the order itself and transaction details, for example, payment method, amount, date, etc. Such papers are issued after the money has been credited to your account. Moreover, you should take care of creating receipts for both full payments and with an advance or deposit. Clients should have written confirmation that you have received their money.

Despite the apparent similarity, these two documents have different purposes and perform different tasks from a business point of view. That is why always label each paper correctly, that is, enter the appropriate title “Invoice” or “Receipt.


  • Can I download free receipt templates?

    You can save any template from our library to your device. Open the page of the receipt you need and, instead of filling out the form, select the option “Download PDF.” The blank template will be sent to your email, from where you can download it to your computer or smartphone.

  • How to email receipts using PDFLiner?

    When you have finished working with the template or form in the editor, click “Done” in the upper right corner. In the window that opens, you need to pick the “Send by email” option to submit the document to the recipient at the desired address.

  • How to make receipts for small businesses?

    Receipt templates are the most convenient option for streamlining workflow. They are universal and contain all the necessary fields and lines. You just need to select the desired format, enter the required information, and transfer the finished document to a client. This is much faster and easier than writing receipts manually from scratch.

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