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Get your Texas Driver License Replacement - DL-14A in 3 easy steps

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  • 02 Sign it online Sign Texas Driver License Replacement - DL-14A
  • 03 Export or print immediately Export Texas Driver License Replacement - DL-14A

What Is a Texas Driver License Replacement 2022?

A Texas Driver License Replacement is the application that must be filled out by drivers from Texas who need to replace their driver’s license. You can do it when you lose the license and you need a new one. It is not free of charge, and apart from filling out Form DL 14A, you have to pay the fee. A new document will be made in 45 days. Once you complete the application for Texas Driver License DL 14A blank, print out the temporary license.

The license can’t be gone missing without replacement. Moreover, once you bring back or find the old one, you need to inform the legislative department and make sure that the data is kept there. You can’t use the old one unless you receive a specific allowance from the government. If the new document is not made after 45 days, you have to contact the officials to whom you send the form immediately. You can do it either online or in person.

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What do I need the Texas Driver License Replacement for?

  • You have to fill out the DL 14A Texas form in case you lose your driving license somewhere and you can’t find it;
  • The Texas DL 14A form is also needed by the Texas state to make sure that you have requested the new license and that you have lost the previous one. If the previous one is found in another place, it will be identified as stolen;
  • The form DL 14A PDF can also be completed by citizens who have lost their identification cards as well.

How to Fill Out Texas Driver License Replacement 2022?

You can find the DL 14A Form Texas template on PDFLiner. Press the icon to open it, and start editing. You may use all the tools that this editor offers you to complete the document correctly. Once you are done, you can save it on your device, print it out, or send it via email to the Texas officials. Here is what you need to include in the Application for Texas Driver License DL 14A:

  1. Put a tick near the appropriate box answering why you make this application.
  2. Write down the applicant information in the column below, including the name, date of birth, eye color, and height. Put your contact information as well.
  3. Place a tick in the matching boxes based on your answers to the questions from 1 to 12.
  4. Put ticks in the boxes to the questions about the driver’s license from 13 to 16.
  5. Answer if you need parental authorization and verification.

Organizations That Work With Texas Driver License Replacement

  • Texas official administration.

Form Versions

2020 Fillable Form DL-14A 2020 Fill Out Form
Fillable online Texas Driver License Replacement - DL-14A
(5 / 5) 2 votes
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