SSA-1199-OP77, Direct Deposit Sign Up Form, Philippines


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What Is an SSA 1199 OP 77 Form?

An SSA 1199 form is also known as the Direct Deposit Sign-Up document. It is used in the Philippines. The paper is filed by the person to receive the payment of the US Social Security monthly benefits as a direct deposit. You can use Form SSA 1199 to get into the International Direct Deposit, but only if you have a Title II beneficiary. This option is available only to IDD countries. However, you can’t simply apply the document to the government before you read the basic requirements and understand that you meet them.

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What do I need the SSA 1199 OP 77 form for?

  • The Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form Social Security is widely used by non-US residents who are Title II beneficiaries and want to receive the IDD;
  • The Social Security Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form must be filled out only by the citizens of the participating countries in the IDD, so you have to prove your residence address. Those who return to live in the US can’t receive IDD; 
  • The deposit can be activated only if you have an account in a specified foreign financial institution that meets the norms indicated in the GN 02402.045 and GN 02402.030 up to the GN 02402.060;
  • The government needs a Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form sample to calculate the members of the program and to support them.

How to Fill Out the SSA 1199 OP 77 Form?

You can find Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form instructions and the document itself here, on PDFLiner. It is free of charge. You may enter the page and start filling it out. After that, print it out, save it on your device, or send it via email to anyone you need.

Before you send it, make sure that the Social Security Administration accepts online documents. You don’t have to fill out the entire paper. Your information is required in the first and second sections. After that, you have to send the document to the financial institution you work with. The Deposit Direct Form Sign-Up procedure can be also made via PDFLiner if you need it. Here is what you must include in the document:

  1. Put the number of the claim, your name, and your address.
  2. Write down your phone number.
  3. Put your signature and date. If it is a joint account, you need the other holder’s signature as well.
  4. Write down your date of birth.
  5. Include the name and address of the government agency.
  6. Ask your financial institution to complete section 3.

Organizations that work with SSA 1199 OP 77 form

  • Federal Benefits Unit US Embassy.
Fillable online SSA-1199-OP77, Direct Deposit Sign Up Form, Philippines
(4.7 / 5) 32 votes
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