6 BC Real Estate Forms

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What Are the BC Real Estate Forms?

BC real estate forms are contracts for the sale, purchase, rent, or inheritance of any real estate between a buyer and a seller. These forms are regulated by British Columbia laws and are widely used by BC agents. These documents describe all the terms in the offer between a buyer and a seller in the transaction of real estate. Every form is recognized by law and usually does not require changes. Yet, each party can add some extra information to the agreement. If you want to buy or sell a house, you not only have to prepare the money and find the customer or house, which is the realtor’s job anyway, but you also should read the form you will be signing in advance.
There is a wide range of BC Real Estate Association forms. Based on your particular case, you will need one of them. The most popular form is a standard classic contract for purchase and sale. It was created in collaboration with the Canadian Bar Association of BC and the British Columbia Real Estate Association. It is widely used in the area. However, this is not the only document. There are over 15 different options registered in the real estate council of BC forms. You can get familiar with them via PDFLiner. They are all available in the search of BC forms for real estate.

Most Popular BC Real Estate Association Forms

There are 15 forms released by BC Real Estate Association, which you can use up to your preferences. Real estate agents usually deal with the majority of these forms. Some forms are used more frequently. Here is the list of these forms:

  1. Contract of Purchase and Sale BC. This is a standard form for anyone who wants to sell or buy a property. It contains 5 pages, but most of them are already filled with the contract’s specifics. There must be detailed information about a seller and a buyer, property, price, and deposit. You have to specify the conditions of the agreement and the deadline for completion and possession. If you want, you can also include specific items that come with the house. This form has to be signed by witnesses.
  2. Commercial Tenancy Remission Application. This form was created by the Ministry of Finance of British Columbia. It was made in accordance with the Speculation and Vacancy Tax Act. You can send it to the Ministry of Finance after you complete the form. It is only 1 page long and contains information about the applicant and the lease agreement. It must be signed by the property owner.
  3. BCREA Assignment of Contract of Purchase and Sale Addendum. This addendum is only one page long. You might need it if the purchase and sale standard forms are not enough. You will have to provide the address, legal description, PID, date of the document, and names of the assignee, and assignor. Write down a total description of the property you want to sell or purchase. This document must be signed by witnesses too.
  4. BC Residential Tenancy Agreement. You might need to complete this document no matter whether you are a landlord or tenant. It is 6 pages long and includes all the rights and obligations of both parties. If you have to extend the list, you can do it in the form. This document requires the attachment of the Schedule of Parties RTB-26 form. You need to indicate information on the landlord and tenant. Include the address of the rented place, as well as the address for service. You have to write down the exact date when the agreement starts working. Don’t forget the details of the rent with the money that must be paid. There is a specific page dedicated to pets. Read all the details of the agreement before you sign anything.
  5. BC Basic Addendum to Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement. This form is simple, and it is only one page long. You can indicate the details on the Purchase and Sale Agreement there. Include dates, names of a seller and a purchaser, and the property address. Describe the agreement in the empty space below.

If you need something else, check out PDFLiner for all real estate forms BC. You can use the search line to find everything you are looking for. If you don’t know which document you need, just open the section and read the names of the forms there.

How to Get BC Real Estate Forms?

You can find any real estate offer to purchase form BC on the official website of the realtor’s company you are working for or in the PDFLiner. There are two pages filled with different real estate forms from British Columbia. Once you enter the website, follow the instructions:

  1. Pick one of the forms you need there.
  2. Open the form and check out the information about it. Now press the “Fill Online” button.
  3. The editor with the form you need will open in a few seconds. You can start filling in this form. Use the tips offered by PDFLiner.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the results and are ready to save them, press the “Done” button.
  5. You can print the finished file, download it on your device, or send it to another party by email.
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