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What is the Personal Data Sheet Form 212?

Personal Data Sheet Form is mainly used for collecting personal and professional data of an applicant to be later processed by an HR department. It is called to shorten the interview with an applicant by reducing the number of questions. The Personal Data Sheet Form does not require any other forms, but your potential employer holds the right to request a resume and other documents.

What I need the Personal Data Sheet Form for?

Personal Data Sheet Form:

  • Allows the employer’s HR department to get personal information of a potential employee prior to the actual interview;
  • Lets the applicant provide information to the potential employer remotely;
  • Can be used as a reminder when the applicant fills out a job application as it includes dates of each previous occupation.

Personal Data Sheet Form has no time limitations or deadlines and must be provided to the potential employer as soon as possible after being requested. It is recommended to fill the form and create several copies to file it to several potential places of employment.

Filling out Personal Data Sheet Form

Personal Data Sheet Screenshot

The list of required personal information differs for every company on the market, but the list of common questions is always the same. It will include your full name, current residence address, permanent address, cellular phone number and an alternative one for an emergency, Social Security Number (SSN) of the US citizen, the contact information of a person for emergency cases, driver’s license number, the full history of previous jobs, special skills of the applicant, history of academic activities, and other references. Send the filled form to the potential place of employment HR dept.

Personal Data Sheet 2 Screenshot

Organizations that work with Personal Data Sheet Form

Any potential employer that is interesting for the applicant.

Fillable online CS Form 212 - Personal Data Sheet
(4.5 / 5) 38 votes
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