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What Is a Pay Stub?

A pay stub is a detailed description of the gross wages, net payments, and various employee deductions that an employer should provide. Depending on the region and the software used to complete it, a pay stub template may be named wage slip, paycheck stub, and pay advice.

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What do I need the pay stub for?

  • The pay stub PDF template serves as a breakdown of how much an employee earned over some time.

  • It allows both parties to keep track of basic financial transactions with salaries.

  • Some countries don’t require employers to complete a fillable pay stub template and provide it to employees (e.g., the US). Others oblige managers to fill out such forms regularly (e.g., the UK).

  • If you hire foreign employees, check the local requirements for providing pay stubs.

How to Create a Pay Stub Template?

  1. To create a custom blank pay stub template, log into your account, go to “My Documents,” and pick the option to create a new document.

  2. After that, the editor will open, and you will get a blank sheet on which you can add the necessary elements.

  3. In your form, you need to put fillable fields for data about yourself (as an employer) and about a worker, payment details (period and date of a particular transaction), gross earnings, all types of deductions, and the final net pay.

  4. To use or print your pay stub template download it to your device or just save it to your account to complete later.

Organizations that work with a pay stub:

  • Payroll services.

How to fill out a pay stub?

Step 1: Open your own printable pay stub template or our premade form in the editor.
Step 2: Enter your information and employee details: name, address, and contact data.
Step 3: Next, put the details of the specific salary: the period for which the payment was received, the date of payment, the check number, the number of hours worked, rates, overtime, and so on.
Step 4: List all the deductions subtracted from the employee’s salary: FICA, federal taxes, retirement contributions, etc.
Step 5: Print out the completed online pay stub template or give it to the employee electronically.

Fillable online Pay Stub Template
(4.5 / 5) 46 votes
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