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What is MDOC Visiting Application?

The MDOC visiting application is used by visitors of Michigan correctional facilities who want to pay a visit to a prisoner. The form must be provided to the information desk of this correctional facility in person or sent by mail. You can’t provide it to the prisoner.

You need to add the envelope with your address and the stamp attached to the form so officials from the facility can answer your request, no matter whether it is a denial of your visit or approved. You will not be able to receive the approval if you don’t add the envelope.

Apart from this application, the prisoner has to complete the form called Visitor List to identify up to 10 visitors who can pay the visit. Only after that, the person who wants to pay the visit must fill out the application. It must be completed in advance. Clergy can also pay visits to the prisoner using the simplified process of application. Yet, there is still a must be call to the facility before the visit.

M D O C Visiting Application on PDFLiner

What I need the MDOC Visiting Application for?

  • Visitors need an MDOC visiting application online to fill it and receive approval for their visit to a correctional facility in Michigan. They will not be able to attend the prison even if they are on the list of visitors applied by prisoners to the correctional facility without this form;
  • Michigan correctional facility needs this form from the potential visitors to check the visitor's list of the prisoner and decide whether the visitor can enter the facility and see the prisoner. The records are kept in the facility;
  • A prisoner who wants to see the visitor must ask them to fill out this form and send it to the facility or hand it in manually in the office of the facility.

How to Fill Out MDOC Visiting Application?

This section helps you to learn how to fill out MDOC visiting application properly. The first thing you have to do is to find the application. You can easily go to the official website of the correction facility or the Michigan government and search for the application. You will have to search it among other forms. If you want to easily reach it and fill it online, you can use PDFLiner.

This online editing tool contains the forms you need, the description, the step-by-step guide, as well as the tools to complete papers. You can even create an electronic signature while you are still online.

Once you fill it out, print the form, save it to your device, or send it to the correction facility if you have their email address. Here is what you need to include in the application:
You need to read the rules that are written in the upper part of the application. Make sure you are familiar with them;

  1. Provide information on your identity, including your license as a driver, name, address, state ID, and place of birth. Include the names you’ve previously used if you changed your name from the maiden. Provide information on your relationship with the prisoner with one short word;
  2. Include the name of the prisoner and the number;
  3. Answer several short questions. Pick the boxes that match your answers and put ticks there;
  4. Write down the signature and the current date;
  5. Let the “Staff use only” section empty to be filled by the staff of the correctional facility.

M D O C Visiting Application on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with MDOC Visiting Application

  • Visitors of Michigan correctional facility;
  • The police department of Michigan.

Where to mail MDOC visiting application?

Each correctional facility in Michigan has a unique address. You have to send the mail with this application to their office.  You have to direct it to the mailroom. Yet, if you want to provide it in person, you have to go to the correctional facility and hand it to the officer at the information desk. No matter what you choose, you still need to attach the empty envelope stamped with your address on it to receive notification from the facility about their decision. If the facility accepts electronic applications you have to gather the information in advance and make a call to them. Clergy can call the facility to arrange the meeting.

Fillable online M D O C Visiting Application
(4.6 / 5) 76 votes
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