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What Is a Key Log Form?

If you are in the army, you might already know what is a Key Log. This is a standard document that is widely used in the US Department of the army, and sometimes, it is known as DA form 5513. The Key Control Inventory Form is used to keep a record of the Key Control Numbers in the specific unit in the Army. The digits can have a wide range of identifications or be serial numbers of different items.

This form is popular during the inventory process since it helps to realize who is responsible for specific keys or equipment. It does not need to be in possession of a single person and can be transferred even between units, based on the specifics of the document.

However, the form is usually kept private and goes under the control of the person responsible for the inventory. Once the soldier fills it out, the document must be kept in a secured place until it is handed to the next individual responsible for the form during a particular period. While the inventory does not need official stamps or signatures of commanders, it is still an official document that can be used in a dispute between the two parties. You need to be specific when filling in the data.

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What do I need the key log form for?

  • The Key Log template is essential to keep the lock combinations under control. It is widely used during the inventory procedure or registration;
  • Apart from that, the Key Inventory template contains the names of people responsible for the equipment and the deadline for the return;
  • The army needs a template for Key Log to know the name of the person who accepted returned locks and keys from the former owner. It might save the person from misunderstanding or losing the keys.

How to Fill Out the Key Log Form?

There is nothing complicated in filling out the Key Log Form template. You will find the editable document on PDFLiner. There is a Key Control Log Form download option available, which allows you to save the completed form on your device. You can print it out if you prefer to use the paper version. However, PDFLiner also allows you to complete the Key Control Form template online. Here is what you need to include there:

  1. Start by naming the unit and the covered period.
  2. Write down all the key control numbers you need.
  3. Describe the turn-ins and key issues in the table on page 2.
  4. Fill in the inventories, including the date, name, and signature.

Organizations that work with key log form

  • US Department of the Army or DA.
Fillable online Key Log Form
(4.5 / 5) 37 votes
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