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What Is a KWL Chart

It’s an educational file utilized to stimulate active learning and data collection. The file consists of 3 columns: 1. What I Know 2. What I Want to Know, and 3. What I Learned. By the way, KWL stands for Know, Want to know, and Learned. In the first column, students put down what they already know about the topic. In the second column, they jot down questions and specify what they want to learn. In the third column, students specify insights they’ve gained throughout the learning process.

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What Is the KWL Chart Used For

Now that the meaning of KWL chart is clear, let’s switch to its purpose. Here’s what the KWL chart PDF is used for:

  • Accumulating Knowledge. With this powerful tool, you’ll easily stimulate active learning.
  • Organizing Systematic Learning. With the file, you’ll follow a clear and structured approach to receiving and understanding information.
  • Boosting Curiosity. As a student, you can effectively use this document to take your curiosity to the next level and make yourself want to learn more and more.
  • Enhancing Understanding. Understanding your specific topic becomes a lot easier with this structured approach.
  • Promoting Engagement. A thoroughly completed and well-thought-out printable KWL chart stimulates engagement and works wonders with students’ critical thinking.

How to Create a KWL Chart

If you want to improve your learning experience as a student, creating an online KWL chart is the way to go. Instead of working it up from scratch, save heaps of your time and use the KWL chart template available for free in PDFLiner’s extensive template library. Follow these steps to fill out this template:

  1. Decide on the topic you want to explore: is it a lesson, project, or specific area of interest?
  2. Find a blank KWL chart template in PDFLiner’s online library.
  3. Open the template and begin filling it out online.
  4. Specify the topic your mind is focused on.
  5. Fill in the ‘What I Know’ column by typing what you already know.
  6. Specify what you want to know in the corresponding column.
  7. Take time to learn to use various sources: books, magazines, the internet, and the like. 
  8. Record what you've learned in the third column (What I Learned).
  9. Upon completing your research, take time to think about the insights you’ve gained. 
  10. Share your knowledge with others and engage in constructive discussions.

The Benefits of the KWL Chart

Using the file comes with numerous perks. First and foremost, it allows students to learn in a structured (read as most effective) way. Second, it stimulates creativity and allows you to make the most of the learning process as a student. Furthermore, it fosters critical thinking and improves your problem-solving skills. Updating the file with newly learned information lets you track your progress and boost comprehension easily. At the end of the day, your KWL chart helps you with one important thing — taking full charge of your education.

Fillable online K-W-L Chart Form
(4.7 / 5) 52 votes
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