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What Is the Indiana Vehicle Registration Form?

Indisputably, any vehicle operating on the roads of Indiana needs to be registered. The Indiana vehicle registration is a legal document that is required to register a vehicle in the state of Indiana. Using this form, vehicle owners can either register a new vehicle or update the information on an already registered vehicle in the state.

Aspects of the Indiana vehicle registration form revealed

The Indiana vehicle registration is designed to gather detailed information about both the vehicle and its owner. Detailed instructions are provided to help individuals accurately fill out the form. Some of the key sections of the form include:

  • Owner's Information: This includes the full name, address, email, and driver's license number of the vehicle owner.
  • Vehicle details: Here, you will provide information about your vehicle, such as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model, year, color, and body type. 
  • Purchase details: This section covers dates and pricing information about your vehicle acquisition.Lien Information: If applicable, details about any liens on the vehicle will also need to be provided.

How to Fill Out an Indiana Vehicle Registration Form

Filling out the form begins by getting your hands on it. The forms are conveniently available online, and as with any legal form, accuracy and completeness are paramount:

  1. Begin by entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the designated field. This is a unique code the automotive industry uses to identify individual motor vehicles. 
  2. Proceed to the 'Year' field and fill in the production year of your vehicle. 
  3. Enter the Make and Model of your vehicle in their respective fields. The 'Make' refers to the vehicle's manufacturer, while 'Model' is specific to the version or type of vehicle produced by the manufacturer.
  4. Formally describe the Type of vehicle you have. Most commonly used types are sedan, SUV, sports, and hatchback.
  5. Fill out the date in the format of month/day/year (mm/dd/yyyy), in the specified field. This refers to the date when you are filling out the form. 
  6. Move to the 'Inspector’s Printed Name and Title' field. Here, enter the name and official title of the inspector who checked the vehicle. 
  7. The next field is 'City'. Enter the city where the inspection of the vehicle is carried out.
  8. The inspector will then have to provide their Signature in the next section.
  9. Enter the Badge, Branch, or Dealer Plate Number of the inspector. This information usually helps in the identification and verification of the inspector.
  10. Under 'Applicant Signature', sign to validate your information as the applicant.
  11. Now, fill in your printed name and sign again in the appropriate fields to further confirm your identity.
  12. Specify the current date when you are filling and signing this form.
  13. Proceed to the Transaction Number, Branch Number, and Invoice Number fields. Enter these numbers as they appear on documents relevant to your vehicle registration. 
  14. For 'BMV Use Only', 'Social Security Number', 'Federal Identification Number', and 'Name of Applicant', fill out the details about your identity and leave the BMV use only field blank as it's for official usage only.
  15. In 'Residence Address', 'City', 'State', 'ZIP Code', input your home address details where you live permanently or most of the time.
  16. Repeat steps for 'Vehicle Identification Number', 'Vehicle Year', 'Vehicle Make', 'Vehicle Model', 'Vehicle Type', 'Odometer', and 'Former Title Number' on the form. 
  17. Fill out the 'Purchase Date' field with the exact date you purchased the vehicle.
  18. For 'Lien' and 'Speed', simply mark 'Y' for yes or 'N' for no, if there is a pending loan secured by the vehicle and if the vehicle can achieve high speeds, respectively.
  19. If the car was purchased from a dealer, enter its number in the 'Dealer Number' field. 
  20. Provide the 'Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) identification number' if any. 
  21. Fill out appropriate addresses in the 'Holder of First Lien', 'Mortgage', 'Special Mailing Address', 'City', 'State', 'ZIP Code', and other related sections as per requirements. 
  22. Input any 'License Number' and 'License Year' in the next phase, and mention any 'Forms Used' if you have used any.
  23. In the 'Selling Price', 'Less Trade-In/Discount', 'Amount Subject to Tax', 'Amount of Tax', 'Dealer', 'Branch', 'Exempt', 'Exemption Code' sections, lay out the financial details of your vehicle purchase. 
  24. Enter the vehicle's selling price in the 'Selling Price' field. 
  25. If you traded in an old vehicle or received any discounts towards the purchase, note this amount in the 'Less Trade-In / Discount' section. 
  26. Next, calculate and fill out the 'Amount Subject to Tax' based on your state's vehicle tax laws.
  27. Write down the 'Amount of Tax' you paid for the vehicle in the designated field.
  28. If you purchased a dealership, enter the dealer's details in the 'Dealer' field. The 'Branch' refers to the specific location of the dealership. 
  29. In the 'Exempt' section, specify if you have tax exemptions. 
  30. If you qualify for any tax exemptions, provide the exemption code in the 'Exemption Code' section. This will typically be a specific number or letter combination provided by your state's taxation office. 

Situation to use Indiana vehicle registration form

Beyond the initial registration of a new vehicle, the Indiana Vehicle registration form may come into play under various other circumstances as well, such as:

  • You've purchased a used vehicle and need to transfer the title to your name.
  • You are from out-of-state, and you’ve recently moved to Indiana.
  • There's a change in your vehicle information (e.g., color change due to repaint, alterations in the vehicle structure, etc.)
  • You’ve paid off a loan on your vehicle and need to update the lienholder information.
Fillable online Indiana Vehicle Registration Form
(4.7 / 5) 69 votes
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