Best Way to Remove Watermark From PDF

PDF is a fairly common format that is often used in office work. Despite its simplicity, not all users know all of its capabilities. What to do if you need to get rid of watermarks on every page? Read our manual on how to remove watermark from PDF online with PDFLiner.

How to Remove Watermark From PDF Online

Here is how to delete unwanted marks with our service.

Step 1: Log in to your account using your username and password, or do it with your Google or Facebook account.
Step 2: Upload the document to which you previously added watermarks using the PDFLiner instruments.
Step 3: On the toolbar in the upper right corner, click on "Watermark."
For removing a watermark from a PDF, uncheck the "Enable" box and save the changes.
Step 4: Since PDFLiner is not only a PDF watermark remover but also a full-fledged document editor, you can change the file as you need and save it by clicking the "Done" button.

How to Add Watermark

Now that you know how to delete the watermark in PDF, we'll show you how to add it. It is also done with a couple of clicks. Open the document you need, hit the "Watermark" icon, and check the box next to "Enable." Save the changes and continue working with the paper.

What Else Can I Do with PDFLiner

You can use our service not only for removing watermarks. PDF files involve a fairly extensive scope of work. PDFLiner is designed to work with any documents of this format, especially with fillable forms. You can fill in papers, add various marks, images, and even freehand drawings to them. Moreover, you can affix the date and signature in official documents and add additional fields if necessary. The editor offers handy text editing tools such as Blackout, Highlight, and Whiteout. You can also quickly rearrange the document by removing or adding extra pages.


Find more info on how to, working with PDF, remove watermarks here.
Can other people delete watermarks from my file?
Using PDFLiner tools, you can protect your documents from editing; then, nobody can delete your marks. Go to the library of your papers and pick "Lock file" in the tool list.
Can I delete a watermark only from one page?
Unfortunately, it is impossible. You can, while editing the PDF, remove watermark or add it only to the entire document.
Can I change the text of a watermark?
You can use any word or phrase to protect your document from copying. With the help of PDFLiner, you can also change the orientation, opacity, and size of a watermark.

Create and Remove Watermark with PDFLiner Online