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What is a Yahtzee score card?

The printable Yahtzee score card is a simple table used while playing Yahtzee/Poker Dice. To fill it in correctly, you need to understand the rules, and the participants should follow a clear sequence of actions. The advantage of the Yahtzee score card PDF is that it is reusable, and you can enter information without printing it.

Yahtzee Score Card on PDFLiner

What does a Yahtzee score card look like?

The free Yahtzee score card is a standard table for this game, consisting of the upper and lower sections. The first contains six lines for dice scores, where you write the number of identical combinations. Below are convenient fields for calculating subtotals, adding bonuses, and final results. The lower section of the Yahtzee score card online contains lines with the names of combinations from classic poker. In this part, you can also sum up the intermediate result, accrue bonuses to the most successful players, and sum up the total of the entire session. One fillable Yahtzee score card lasts for five games.

How to use a Yahtzee score card?

At first glance, the Yahtzee rules and score card might seem confusing. However, if you are familiar with poker and any dice games, you’ll quickly figure out what’s what. This card fills up as you progress through the game. First, you need to fill in the top section and then the bottom one. Players choose one of the presented combinations and roll five dice to get the desired combo. The number of identical combinations is recorded in the table. The player with the most points wins. Each player must have their own copy. An unlimited number of players can partake in each session.

How to Fill Out The Yahtzee score card?

Step 1: Enter the player’s name and select a combination from the top section. Roll the dice to complete the desired combination. The number of identical combos should be recorded in the table.

Step 2: When all participants have made their moves, calculate the intermediate result, add bonuses if some scored more than 63 points, and sum up.

Step 3: Move on to completing the second section. Participants should receive those combinations that are indicated in the lines. Add each specified number of points.

Step 4: Sum up the bottom section, add the results from the top one, and get the Grand Total. In this game, there can be either one winner or a draw.

Step 5: Play five games to determine the final winner.

Yahtzee Score Card on PDFLiner

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Fillable online Yahtzee Score Card
(4.7 / 5) 48 votes
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