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What is Football Stat Sheet?

A high school football stat sheet is a file that is utilized to record the statistics of a football game and monitor a footballer’s progress throughout the season. Here on PDFLiner, you are granted access to a pre-made printable high school football stat sheet template. Fill it out online or print it out for further offline processing.

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What is football stat sheet used for?

The football stat sheet template can be used to track the number of touchdowns, field goals, and other important data for a game. The printable football stat sheets can also be used to track the number of players on the field, the number of penalties, and other important information.

You can use this simple football stat sheet for:

  • recording the stats of a football game, such as: the number of penalties, how many players are on the field, and the like;
  • keeping tabs on a player’s progress throughout the season;

With regard to the purpose of the template, it’s simple: use this ready-made file right away, without having to draft a stat sheet for football from square one. As a matter of fact, time-savingness is the main perk our huge library of high-quality pre-designed templates comes with.

How to Fill Out Football Stat Sheet

Football is a game where lots of numbers are involved. Keeping tabs on everything can be overwhelming. And that’s where the football stat sheet download option kicks in. With this file at your disposal, you’ll record all the game’s vital numbers and get the chance to easily analyze them.

Find the steps on how to fill it out online below:

  1. Start by getting a template of the stat sheet via our form catalog.
  2. Proceed by launching the template.
  3. On top of the sheet, indicate the team names and the date of the game.
  4. Then fill out a column for each team, indicating an array of stats.

Football Stat Sheet Screenshot 2

As you can see, it’s fast and easy, especially if you have a ready-made sheet on hand. Whether you’re on the hunt for this particular file or need any other industry-specific template, PDFLiner is always at your service. Equip yourself with our file editing tools and enjoy customizing your documents online fast and easy, suiting your most exquisite requirements.

How to Submit Football Stat Sheet

When you’re through filling out the sheet, feel free to send it to any recipient either via email or directly from PDFLiner. Our platform makes exchanging documents exceptionally fast, easy, and secure. Here, we are aimed at your ultimate convenience and the smoothest-ever transfer to online document management.


  • What stat sheet do colleges use for football?

    Colleges use an array of football stat sheet designs. Most of them are similar in style and contents. On our site, you can find only the most up-to-date files with top-notch layout and easily modifiable sections.

  • How to keep football statistics?

    A good stat keeper should have a stopwatch. They should launch the watch at the start of each game. As the game goes on, the stat keeper records all the needed stats. Maximum attention, precision, and experience are vital here.

  • What are the different stats in football?

    Player’s passing attempts, completions, yards per carry, touchdowns, dropped passes, and interceptions are among the vital stats in football. While PDFLiner is a vital tool that will help you record any stats fast and easy.

Fillable online Football Stat Sheet
(4.5 / 5) 66 votes
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