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What Is Form MC-025?

Titled Attachment to Judicial Council Form, form MC-025, is used for filing primary forms with the Judicial Council of California. What is an MC-025 form as such? The blank does not function except as an attachment to other forms occurring in court proceedings and other judicial matters.

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What do I need form MC 025 attachment for?

  • Submitting any primary Judicial Council of California in case an attachment is required due to lack of space on the primary form.
  • Specific cases include forms related to eviction, business, adoption, divorce, child support, name change, proof of service, and more.
  • Each MC-025 must be related to a specific item in the primary form, but pages can be added to an MC-025 as needed.

Filling out Attachment to Judicial Council Form

In order to learn how to fill out MC-025, the submitter needs to obtain a fillable MC-025. A possible approach is to download MC-025 for free in PDF format with text fields in the appropriate areas to sign it online and print it upon completion.

So here are the simple MC 025 instructions:

  • Short Title, which usually refers to the parties’ last names, i.e. “Black v. Smith,”
  • Case Number,
  • Attachment Number,
  • The text field where you can expand on the respective item in the primary form,
  • Page number, and
  • Total page number.

MC-025 Form Screenshot

Organizations that work with form MC-025

  • Organizations accepting the primary forms.
Fillable online Form MC-025
(5 / 5) 67 votes
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