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Get your OREA Form 502, Agreement of Purchase and Sale - Business in Leased Premises in 3 easy steps

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What Is OREA Form 502? 

OREA Lease Form 502, sometimes referred to simply as “Offer,” is a rather lengthy (seven-page) document. Buyers use it to express their desires to purchase commercial real estate and business assets and offer their terms to sellers. This file specifies the transaction details, distribution of responsibilities, financing organization, and much more. If the original text of the OREA lease agreement form does not cover certain aspects, buyers can use Form 505 (Schedule) to complete their offer.

This document is not a final agreement on the transaction and is subject to review by sellers, who may make a counteroffer. If the conditions are suitable for both participants, OREA Form 500 is compiled and filled out on their basis, a common agreement between a commercial property seller and purchaser that makes the deal official and legally binding. Do your best to get to grips with all the requirements of the doc before signing it.

What I Need OREA Agreement of Purchase and Sale Form 502 For?

Here’s what this doc is utilized for:

  • clarifying both sides’ liabilities;

  • warding off any miscommunication;

  • safeguarding both sides’ priorities and capital;

  • digitizing your file management processes.

The latter aspect is what we are here to help you with. You should know that going online in terms of filling out your multiple forms and storing documentation is definitely the right choice. With PDFLiner, you will streamline your administrative processes and save heaps of your precious time.

How to Fill Out the OREA Form 502 Fillable Template?

OREA Form 502 Screenshot

This template features seven pages and can be somewhat challenging to get the gist of. Here are the steps to take throughout the completion process:

  1. Type the date of the contract.

  2. Specify both sides’ names and contacts.

  3. Enter property details, such as the address, terms of lease, lease expiration date, rental price, landlord name and contacts.

  4. Indicate the previously agreed upon purchase price.

  5. Enter closing date.

  6. Fill out the Conditions of Sale section.

OREA Form 502 Screenshot 2

You can either make use of our platform’s OREA form 502 download function or file the blank online. Whether you’re searching for this specific template or in need of other niche-focused blanks, you’ve come to the right place. With our lengthy catalog of perfectly customizable forms, your chances of expanding your digital file management possibilities get a significant boost. 

Organizations That Work With Ontario Purchase and Sale Agreement

Ontario Real Estate Association.

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Fillable online OREA Form 502
(4.6 / 5) 64 votes
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