OREA Form 346, Tenant Representation Agreement


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What Is OREA Form 346?

Form 346 is also known as the OREA Tenant Representation Agreement Authority for Lease or Purchase. The form is provided by the Ontario Real Estate Association. If you want to use the form within the Province of Ontario, you can easily find it on the OREA website. However, you can’t use it in other provinces or territories.

To do it, search for the local templates provided by local real estate agencies. As for Ontario, there are strict rules for every tenant who wants to buy or rent the property. You have to sign the buyer representation agreement if you are a buyer and want to make an offer. Once you sign the agreement, only one agent picked by you can represent your interests and make an offer on your behalf.

The template is standard, and you have to make sure that you agree to follow the rules. There is a fee you need to pay to the broker. If you disagree with some conditions, you must discuss everything before signing the papers.

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What I need the OREA form 346 for?

  • As a tenant, you have to fill out OREA form 346 when you decide to buy a property. In this case, you have to fill out the agreement with the brokerage representing you and acting on your behalf. It simplifies your life, but you still need to pay for the services even if you find the property yourself. Make sure you are familiar with all benefits of the agreement;
  • As a broker, you have to make sure that the tenant representation agreement Ontario is signed between two parties before you act on the tenant’s behalf. Without this document, the tenant can refuse to pay you for the work you provided. Let the tenant understand the aspects of your collaboration.

How to Fill Out OREA Form 346?

Once you learn what is a tenant representation agreement, you can start searching for the document itself. You need to understand the pros and cons of the template you are going to fill out. The document is usually available on OREA's official website. Go there and download the template on your device. If you want to save time, open the template on PDFLiner.

This online editor offers quick access to the form and the ability to fill it out online. Once you use all the tools and complete the form, save it on your computer and send the copy to the other party. If you need, you can print it and hand it in person. Here is what you need to include in the form:

  1. Provide information on the brokerage, name of the broker, and address;
  2. Share the information on the tenant, including address and phone number;
  3. Write down the correct date when the broker becomes representative of the tenant and the deadline;
  4. Describe the property, including the address, its type, and other extra features if you need them;
  5. Sign the document and let the other party sign it.

Organizations that work with OREA form 346

  • Ontario Real Estate Agency;
  • Brokers, tenants, and landlords that work with OREA.
Fillable online OREA Form 346, Tenant Representation Agreement
(5 / 5) 1 votes
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