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What Is Florida Standard Residential Lease Agreement

A Florida Standard Residential Lease Agreement is a legally binding document between a landlord and a tenant outlining the conditions under which the tenant can rent property. This agreement typically covers the rental duration, the rent amount, and guidelines for using the property. It is specifically designed to comply with Florida law, ensuring that both parties’ interests are protected while providing a clear framework for the rental transaction.

When to Use Florida Standard Residential Lease Agreement Form

This form is essential in several situations:

  • Whenever a property owner decides to lease their residential property in Florida, employing this document is necessary to establish the tenancy terms.
  • If both parties agree to extend the tenancy at the end of a lease term, this form can be reused or updated to reflect any changes for the new lease period.
  • If the original tenant wishes to sublease the property to another tenant, they should reference the rules and conditions outlined in the original Florida Standard Residential Lease Agreement.

How To Fill Out Florida Standard Residential Lease Agreement Template

Filling out this template is straightforward with these step-by-step instructions:

Identify the Parties:

Start by listing the full names of the landlord (or property manager) and tenant(s) agreeing.

Describe the Property:

Specify the address and a brief description of the rental property.

Lease Duration:

Define the start and end dates of the lease term, indicating whether it's a fixed-term lease or a month-to-month arrangement.

Rent Details:

Include the rent amount, due dates, and preferred payment methods. Also, detail any security deposit required.

Utilities and Services:

List which utilities and services are included in the rent and which are the tenant's responsibility.

Use of Premises:

Define permissible uses of the property and any restrictions, such as pet policies or guest limitations.

Maintenance and Repairs:

Clarify the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant concerning property maintenance and repairs.


Ensure the document is signed and dated by the landlord and tenant(s), making it legally binding.

When to File Florida Standard Residential Lease Agreement

This agreement does not need to be filed with any state agency. However, it should be executed (signed by all parties) before the tenant moves into the property. Ideally, this document should be prepared and signed after the landlord has accepted the tenant's application before giving them possession of the property. Keeping a copy of the signed agreement is crucial for both the landlord and the tenant as it serves as proof of the agreed-upon terms should any disputes arise.

By following these guidelines and appropriately utilizing the Florida Standard Residential Lease Agreement form, landlords, and tenants can ensure a smooth and legally secure rental process in Florida.

Standard Florida Lease Agreement PDF
(4.6 / 5) 102 votes
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