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What Is Form FL 320? 

This document, also known as a response to a request for a court order, must be filled out if you have been served with a request for a change in child support or custody and visitation order. With PDFLiner, you can fill out this form online, digitally sign it, adjust it to fit your needs, and give it to any recipient.

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What do I need the FL 320 form for?

Wondering what this form is for? It's simple: you need it to respond to a family law order request. This sample response form to an order request can be filled out either electronically or manually. The first method is convenient and time-consuming, while the second will only work for you if you are a person of habit.

How to Fill Out a Fl-320?

This two-page form is more or less intuitive. Here are the items you should include when filling out the FL 320 form:

  1. Your name and contact information.
  2. Plaintiff, defendant, and the other party.
  3. Date of hearing and venue.
  4. Case number.
  5. The type of request the form is used to answer: restraining order, child or spousal support, property control, etc.
  6. Details to justify your response request: write in your explanation of why what you want is better than what the other person wants. For example, if you are asking for a weekend visit once, state why it would be better for your child(ren). 

If you're here, that means you probably plan to make the most of digitizing your paperwork. Good for you. Go ahead and fill out this form online. Edit it to fit your situation and adjust it to your standards. Need help from a professional attorney? Don't hesitate to seek it. It will save a lot of your time and keep you from typos and factual errors. 

Organizations that work with the responsive declaration to request for order FL 320

  • Judicial Council of California

  • What is supporting information on fl-320?

    On form FL 320, the "Supporting Information" section is a place where you could give extra information to support your response to the petition or other legal document that was filed in the case. This might include documents, statements, or other evidence that helps to explain your position or help provide context for the points in this case.

  • How to respond to fl 320?

    To respond to Form FL-320, you should fill out the form and file it with the court. You should indicate whether you agree or disagree with the information in the petition or other legal paper and provide any extra information that you think is relevant to the case.

Fillable online Form FL-320
(4.9 / 5) 78 votes
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