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What Is the Academic Records Request Form WES Canada?

This is a specialized tool that assists students and graduates to obtain their academic records swiftly and efficiently. This form enables institutions to release the individual's records, typically inclusive of transcripts, degrees, and diplomas, directly to WES ensuring a streamlined evaluation process. This Canada-specific form makes navigating through the often convoluted administrative cycle all the more manageable.

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Benefits of using the academic records request form WES

The academic record request form has a few distinct benefits. It significantly expedites the collection and transmission of your records to WES. This, in turn, reduces the waiting period for document verification, allowing the participant to progress to their next academic or professional stage faster.

How to Fill Academic Records Request Form

Understanding how to complete the academic records request form Canada correctly is crucial. Here are the main steps you can follow:

  1. On the first line, you will see a field labeled 'WES Reference No.'. Enter your specific WES reference number here. This is a mandatory field, so you must input your correct WES reference number to ensure your form is processed correctly.
  2. The next fields pertain to your personal information. Fill in your last (Family) name and first (Given) name in the appropriate fields. 
  3. If you have had a name change, fill out the 'Previous Name' field with your previous name as applicable. 
  4. After your name, you'll need to provide your Date of Birth. This should be filled out in the 'dd/mm/yyyy' format. 
  5. The next field requires your Email. Make sure you insert a correct and operative email here.
  6. Coming to the academic details, firstly, type in the name of your institution in 'Institution Name' field. Ensure that the name is spelled correctly. 
  7. In the 'Country' field, enter the country where your academic institution is located.
  8. You'll then proceed to the 'Dates Attended' section where you will enter the starting (From) and the ending (To) dates of your attendance in 'mm/yyyy' format.
  9. Continuing with the academic details, if you have been awarded a degree, type its name in 'Degree Name' text box. Feel free to leave this blank if this does not apply to you.
  10. Similarly, if you have been awarded said degree, add the 'Year of Award'. If not, skip this section.
  11. Specify your major subject in the 'Major' box. 
  12. The 'Student ID or Roll Number at sending institution' box is there for you to enter your unique Student ID or Roll number. This may not be applicable to all; hence, if you don't have one, leave it blank.
  13. You will then proceed to the 'Applicant's signature' field. Using the tools within PDFLiner, create your digital signature and apply it to this field.
  14. Lastly, insert the 'Date' on which you're filling this form next to your signature.
  15. Leave the section labeled 'For Authorized Officials' blank. This is meant for the officials at your academic institution who will be handling your request.

Ensure to verify all information entered for accuracy before submitting the form.

Top tips about filling academic records request form

Filling out this form might seem challenging, but it isn't with the correct understanding. Here are some top tips for completing this academic form:

  • Double check the accuracy of all information before you submit the document
  • Follow all instructions precisely, ensuring each area is properly filled
  • Highlight the documents you need from your institution and ensure that the appropriate individual is notified

Fillable online Canada WES Academic Records Request Form
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