Alberta Residential Purchase Contract


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What is Alberta Residential Purchase Contract?

Alberta residential purchase contract was created by the Alberta Real Estate Association for use in the Designated Agency Brokerages and Common Law. This is the contract that is made between the property owner who wants to sell it and the buyer. The form is standard and is widely used by locals and those who want to live in Alberta.

The agreement contains basic conditions that the buyer and seller agreed upon. Without the previous agreement between the two sides, parties can’t sign it. You must read the template in advance and ensure you agree with the terms and conditions, no matter which party you represent. You may also provide information on the brokerage if you use this type of purchase. In this case, you need to name the representative.

After signing the agreement, you must provide it to the other party. The signed document became legal. It can be used in court. You have to make sure that there are no mistakes in this agreement.

Alberta Residential Purchase Contract on PDFLiner

What I need the Alberta Residential Purchase Contract for?

  • The seller has to fill out an Alberta residential purchase contract PDF to make sure that all the rights are protected and discussed. There must be an agreement upon the payment, due date, and buyer's contact information. The brokerage representative, if it is required;
  • The buyer needs an Alberta real estate association residential purchase contract to secure rights as well as to receive guarantees on the property. If the buyer wants to protect himself/herself legally, the lawyer has to sign the papers too. The offer must be separated into a specific section;
  • A real estate agent can keep the document as proof that both parties reached an agreement.

How to Fill Out Alberta Residential Purchase Contract?

If you are looking for the Alberta residential real estate purchase contract, you can search for it on the official website of the Alberta Real Estate Association. You can ask your agent to send it to you. You can also find the document online. Yet, if you want to be able to fill it out online, you have to use a PDF editor with a wide range of tools like PDFLiner.

There you will be able to open the document and complete its sections while you are connected to the Internet. You don’t have to download the empty file. Only after it is filled, save the copy to the device, and send the document to the other party. You can send it via email in a few steps. If you want, you can also print the version and give it to the other party in person. Here is what you need to include there:

  1. Provide information about the seller and buyer;
  2. Share the data on the property, including the address, furniture, and attached goods;
  3. Provide information about the transaction, including the deposits, mortgage if there is any, financing, balance, and total purchase price;
  4. Provide information about closing and the due date of the contract;
  5. Read all the sections of the contract and specify details;
  6. Sign the document.

Alberta Residential Purchase Contract

Organizations that work with Alberta Residential Purchase Contract

  • Alberta Real Estate Association, Canada.
Fillable online Alberta Residential Purchase Contract
(4.7 / 5) 66 votes
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