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What is Resignation Letter?

Resignation letters templates are widely used by workers who decide to leave the position they obtain. Once you are sure about resignation you have to write a letter and explain the reasons and your goal to resign to the employer. The document must be clear and formal. This is why it is better to use templates of resignation letter created by professionals.

You will need to fill in the empty fields in the document and hand it in or send it to the employer. The decision to leave the work you are used to may be stressful enough. It is better to notify your boss several weeks or even months before the resignation letter so there will be a chance to find an employee in your position and train this person.

You may create the document from scratch. Yet, it has to look appropriate and contain specific information. This is why many workers prefer to use a resignation letter form that is universal and already has all the fields that must be signed.

Resignation Letter on PDFLiner

What I need the Resignation Letter for?

  • The employee needs to choose one among all the created templates for resignation and fill it out in advance to notify an employer of the possible resignation. This way there will be enough time to find new employees for the same job;
  • The employer has to receive a template for a resignation from employee several weeks or months before the real resignation date to understand the reasons for resignation, fix the problem if there any, and find new employee;
  • The company’s HRs have to receive a sample template of resignation letter from the employer to begin to look for new employees before the old one leaves;
  • The document can be used in court to prove the point of view of both parties.

How to Fill Out Resignation Letter?

There are lots of websites that offer a letter of resignation sample template of your choice. You can even choose the design of the template and the sections you want to fill. You may also create the document on your own, using PDFLiner’s editing tools, or edit a resigning template that is already there with your own sections you want to add. The letter is simple and does not take much time to fill out. However, you have to be correct in it, including the description of your work and reasons for your resignation.

Once you fill out the letter, re-read it, save it on your device, print the copy, or send it via email to your employer. Here is what you need to include in resign letter template sample:

  1. Provide the information about an employee, including the name, address, ZIP code, and phone number;
  2. Include the current data of the letter;
  3. Share the information about the company, including the name, address, and phone number, if you need it;
  4. Name the employer you are contacting in the letter;
  5. Name your position at the company;
  6. Put the term that you provide for the company to find the new employee in your place;
  7. Share the information about your resignation. You can add the reasons for the resignation in the letter as well;
  8. Write down your name and put your signature. You may create an e-signature via PDFLiner and add it to the field.

Resignation Letter on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with Resignation Letter

  • Any companies inside the US that have employees.
Fillable online Resignation Letter
(4.7 / 5) 32 votes
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