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3 India Templates

  • Form 19
    What is India Form-19? India Form-19 is a form that must be filled out as a Caste Validity Certificate. This certificate not only states the caste of the person but also validates it. Usually, this form is accompanied by the Caste Certificate. It must be filled out by one of the parents of the newborn baby to confirm that caste validation. What I need the India Form-19 for? This form is required by Indian officials for every member of caste society; This form is an affidavit of your true caste validity; This form is required from parents to certify that their children belong to one specific caste; This form is vital for the promotion or appointment of the person. The document may be accompanied by other certificates and proofs of the belonging to the specific caste. It does not have a due date. However, this form must be filled out before the person is hired for any job. Filling out India Form-19 The form consists of 1 page only. It has only several lines to fill out. You don’t need to waste lots of time on it. Start with filling out your: Name and age; Occupation; Residence address; The current date; Number of Caste Certificate of a child, including date and institution’s name where it was given; District; You have to sign up for the document and type the date when you complete the form. Check the information before you send it. In case you provide wrong information, you will be punished by authorities, according to the Indian Penal Code. After the form is filled out, you can send it to the committee or other authorities that asked for it. Organizations that work with India Form-19 Indian Scrutiny Committee; Indian governmental institutions.
  • Police Clearance Certificate Application Form
    What is the Police Clearance Certificate Application Form? Police Clearance Certificate Application Form is a federal form designed by the Police of India to let citizens and legal residents to request a valid Police Clearance Certificate. The form is usually not accompanied by other forms, but the Police representative may request a valid passport for personality confirmation. Applicants are also supposed to paste one photograph 35mm X 35mm with half a signature on the photograph and half of it on the application form. What I need the Police Clearance Certificate Application Form for? Police Clearance Certificate Application Form can be requested by your potential employer, by internal and foreign migration services, by educational institutions, and other establishments that may need information about your criminal status in India. The applicant can submit the Police Clearance Certificate Application Form anytime when it is requested by a legal entity of India or abroad. The Certificate always includes the date of issue and a term of validity, after which the form invalidates. Filling out Police Clearance Certificate Application Form The form consists of 1 page. In the header, you have to define the receiver District Police Office. Then you have to provide your full name (expanded initials), your gender, previous name (if you have changed your name), date of birth (if known), current occupation, names of your parents and spouse (if you are married), present and permanent addresses, the date of your moving to the current address, the valid passport number, its validity term, etc. Send the signed form to the nearest District Police Office. Organizations that work with Police Clearance Certificate Application Form The Superintendent of Police, District Police Office of the area that you belong to.
  • Form 565 - Form of Authorization
    Form 565 - Form of Authorization ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
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