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What Is Form STD.65? 

Form STD.65 or Purchasing Authority Purchase Order is a legitimate document working on various Purchase Order Authority levels, which is provided by the California Department of General Services, a governmental institution in California. The form was released in April 2020 and consists of three pages, the last of which are brief filing instructions offered by the issuing department.

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What do I need the STD.65 form for?

The California Department of General Services has created Form STD.65 to:

  • certify that an order for purchasing some goods is issued according to the procedure prescribed by the law that covers the purchasing requirements for these items in California;

  • specify the shipping instructions, terms, and procurement conditions applicable to this order; 

  • ensure that all the legal requirements for making such a purchase are entirely complied with.

How to Fill Out Form STD.65?

The form purchasing authority matrix is compatible with most PDF-viewing apps. Here is how to fill out this printable doc on PDFLiner:

  1. Enter the appropriate agency order and amendment numbers.
  2. Specify when the order is prepared.
  3. Put your agency billing code, which usually consists of 5 or 6 digits.
  4. Provide your department’s purchasing authority number.
  5. Specify the identification number for procurement of information technology goods or services.
  6. Note the discounts applicable to this order in the “Payment Terms” section.
  7. Leave the required delivery date.
  8. Enter the item numbers, quantity, and unit of measure in sequential order.
  9. Provide the product or service description in the corresponding box.
  10. Define the purchase price or service rate for each line item and calculate the total sum.
  11. Specify the terms, conditions, and procurement method in the appropriate fields.
  12. Press the “Done” button to save the changes, download and print out the completed PDF blank, and make 4 copies of this fillable form. The first is for the supplier, Copy 2 is for the California Department of General Services, the third is a packing slip for the supplier, and the last is an agency procurement file. 

Organizations that work with form STD.65

  • General Service Procurement Division in the State of California
Fillable online Purchasing Authority Purchase Order - STD 065
(5 / 5) 49 votes
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