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What is the blank Plumbing Contract Template?

The fillable blank Plumbing Contract Template is used to legally arrange plumbing works at your premises.

What I need the blank Plumbing Contract Template for?

  • To legally arrange the plumbing services at your premises;
  • To specify and fix the terms of the plumbing service agreement.

How to fill out the blank Plumbing Contract Template?

The printable blank Plumbing Contract PDF consists of two pages and is filled out both by the plumber and the owner of the premises. To start filling out the contract, it is necessary to enter the date, state the owner and indicate the address of the premises at the top of the first page.

The following section is half pre-filled and requires you to enter the location of the premises, state the date of the beginning of the works and add several other details. The large section in the middle of the first page is used to describe the plumbing fixtures and the materials that are to be furnished and installed. This section should describe all the planned works in detail.

The next section is named “Terms” and is used to cover the money aspect of the works. The form allows you to arrange several payments for several stages of works performed for the complicated fixtures.
The second page contains the “Acceptance” section that is to be filled out. It requires to state the address and the date of the acceptance. At the bottom of the last page it is necessary to indicate the plumbing contractor and their contact information that includes address, telephone number, contractor’s license number and classification.

Organizations that work with the blank Plumbing Service Contract Template

Plumbing service companies.

Fillable online Plumbing Contract Template
(5 / 5) 56 votes
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