Month-to-Month Lease Agreement


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Overview of the Month to Month Agreement Lease

Today, transient lifestyles and the sharing economy's popularity have made the month to month agreement lease increasingly prevalent in the rental market. This type of agreement offers flexibility and convenience, unlike long-term leases. It generally doesn't have a predetermined end date and continues until either the landlord or the tenant decides to terminate.

Advantages of a month to month lease agreement

The benefits of a month-to-month lease agreement are vast. This type of lease accommodates both the landlord and the tenant's ever-changing needs. As a landlord, this lease may allow you to command higher rent, given its added flexibility. On the flip side, a tenant can easily terminate a lease and move out without infringing any agreement. This online form conveys all rights and obligations involved, ensuring both landlord and tenant responsibilities are clearly understood.

How to Fill Out Lease Agreement Month to Month

To fill out the month to month lease agreement template on PDFliner, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by entering the date of the lease agreement in the format "day of [Month] 20[YY]" at the top of the form.
  2. In the space provided for the landlord's name, input the full name of the individual or entity who owns the property being leased.
  3. List the names of all lessees in the designated fields. Ensure all parties who will be residing at the property and are responsible under the lease are included.
  4. Under the section titled "Grant of Lease," fill in the address of the property being rented. This should include any specific unit numbers or building identifiers.
  5. For the "Term of Lease" section, specify the start date of the lease using the format "day of [Month] 20[YY]" and fill in the required notice periods for both the landlord and tenant to terminate the lease.
  6. Enter the amount of the security deposit and the corresponding dollar amount in words and figures respectively in the "Security Deposit" section.
  7. In the "Rent Payments" section, specify the total rent for the term of the lease, the monthly installment amount, and the move-in fee, if applicable. Include the law under which the tenant has a grace period for rent payment.
  8. Specify the method and location for rent payments, as well as where and to whom the tenant should deliver all notices under the lease.
  9. Under the "Utilities" section, check off which utilities are provided and paid for by the landlord and note any responsibilities the tenant has for other utilities.
  10. Detail the obligations and duties of both the landlord and tenant regarding the maintenance of the property, adherence to laws, and conduct requirements in their respective sections.
  11. In the eviction section, specify the days a tenant has to pay rent before eviction processes may begin.
  12. Detail the procedures for delivering notices, handling utilities, and the responsibilities for both parties in maintaining the premises.
  13. If any additional terms are specific to your situation, such as details about pets, smoking, or parking, make sure these are also included in the designated sections or in an addendum if necessary.
  14. Lastly, provide a space at the end of the form for both the landlord and all lessees to sign and date the agreement, indicating their acceptance of all terms and conditions. You can use send to sign feature, here.

Accessibility of a month to month lease agreement PDF

One of the great joys of online lease agreements is their accessibility. Apart from being easily accessible online, one can download the month-to-month lease agreement pdf to keep a document copy for their records. The benefits of a PDF lease are numerous, including ease of sharing between parties, editing, and more importantly, for record-keeping. It also adds an extra layer of security that ensures no party can claim ignorance on any clause stipulated in the lease agreement.

Fillable online Month-to-Month Lease Agreement
(4.8 / 5) 79 votes
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