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What Is a Boat Bill of Sale Form Mississippi?

A Mississippi bill of sale for boat serves as a record of the transaction between the seller and the purchaser. This written agreement protects both parties by detailing the terms and conditions of the sale, making it an indispensable document.

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Why you need a boat bill of sale Mississippi

Having a Mississippi boat bill of sale is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it’s an effective way to prevent disputes by ensuring all agreed conditions are documented. Secondly, it can be an essential requirement when the buyer wants to register the boat or apply for insurance. Also, it provides a record of payment, proving the sale took place. Note that if you need a more general As Is Boat Bill of Sale you can use another template.

Completing the Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale PDF

So, what about filling out this Mississippi form? You'll notice that the Mississippi boat bill of sale form is relatively straightforward and requires details about the seller, buyer, boat, and the transaction. Here are the steps to complete this form:

  1. Start by filling out the "Amount $" section which refers to the total sum the boat was sold for. Make sure to write this out numerically.
  2. Proceed to the "Purchaser's Name" part. Here, enter the full legal name of the individual or entity that is buying the boat.
  3. Next, you will need to provide the "Address, City, State, Zip" of the purchaser in the corresponding fields.
  4. The "Seller's Name" section should be filled with the seller's full legal name.
  5. In the "Address, City, State, Zip" part, include the seller's complete address.
  6. In the "Description of Vessel" section, provide detailed information about the boat including vehicle make, year, Hull ID Number, Registration#, and Title#.  You'll also need to provide information about the motor including model, year, and odometer reading in hours. 
  7. In the "Description of Trailer" section, you will need to provide the make, model, year, and S/N of the trailer that goes with the boat, if applicable.
  8. In the next section, state whether "The vessel, motor and trailer are free from all encumbrances except". Describe any existing claims against the boat, motor, or trailer if applicable.
  9. You are then required to enter the date of the signed agreement in the "Date of the Signed" field.
  10. The seller should provide their signature in the "Signature of Seller" section and the buyer should do the same in the "Signature of Buyer" field.
  11. Next, two witnesses need to provide their names and signatures in the respective fields. Note that witnesses cannot be relatives.
  12. Alternatively, a notary public can provide their signature in the designated area with the date when the notary's commission expires.

Situations to use the bill of sale for boat Mississippi

The bill of sale for boat in Mississippi is a crucial document to have at hand when you're selling or acquiring a boat in Mississippi. It's not just for major sea vessels but also for smaller personal watercraft like canoes and kayaks.

  • Boat Sales and Purchases: Anytime a boat changes ownership, a sale bill is required. If you're ready to part with your old boat or keen on buying a second-hand one, this document becomes your best friend. This Mississippi-specific form carries more weight as it is specially tailored to meet the state's legal stipulations.
  • Trade-In Deals: Are you offering your boat as part-trade for a more considerable value one? You still require a bill of sale. It vindicates the difference in worth that needs to be paid and completes the part-trade deal, maintaining a record of agreement.
  • Gift Transactions: Even if you aren’t selling your boat, but rather giving it as a present to a family member or friend, a bill of sale is required. It helps in clarifying that the transfer is a gift, not a trade requiring a payment.
  • State Title Transfer: For a seamless boat title transfer process, a bill of sale is pivotal. The Mississippi boat form is a requisite when applying for a title transfer at the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. It formally verifies the transaction from the seller to the buyer.
  • Insurance and Tax Processes: Insuring your boat or declaring it on your tax returns? Prioritize having your bill of sale. Insurance companies and tax agencies often ask for this Mississippi form to establish the boat's value.
  • Disputes and Legal Clarity: It is not uncommon for misunderstandings to arise after a boat sale. This document can serve as a reference, providing undeniable proof of what was agreed upon during the transaction. It can protect parties from potential disagreements and furnishes clarity if legal issues arise.
Fillable online Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale
(5 / 5) 97 votes
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