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What is Medical Excuse Note?

A medical excuse note or doctor’s note, as many people call it, is the standard template provided by the doctor to the patient as proof of the absence from work or school. This form notifies other people of the intention of the patient to visit a doctor during working or study hours based on the doctor’s schedule. It is an official document and must contain the doctor’s signature, as well as the stamp of the medical establishment doctor works.

It also has to state the reason for the excuse of the patient in a few words. The legal document can be used in court. It specifies the time and the day of the appointment arranged between the doctor and the patient. Yet, this template can’t be provided to the patient without a previous diagnosis from the doctor. The document can be provided only after the doctor confirms that the patient is sick or requires an appointment.

The template is easy to fill. It can be standard or created by the medical establishment from the very beginning. You can’t fill out the form without a doctor.

Medical Excuse Note on PDFLiner

What I need the Medical Excuse Note for?

  • You can use a medical excuse note template as a doctor to make an appointment with a patient who can’t leave work without an excuse. This form must be filled with accurate data that matches the diagnosis of the patient. Put the time of the visit in a visible place so the employer of the patient can let the employee be free during this time;
  • As an employee, you need to have the doctor’s note in advance so you can provide it to the employer. Make sure you gave it before the visit to the doctor and notified your employer earlier so your task can be delegated or postponed;
  • As an employer, you have to receive a note from the employee to record the data on the employee’s absence.

How to Fill Out Medical Excuse Note?

You can find medical excuse note for work in numerous variations on the Internet. You can find different designs and sections that must be filled. PDFLiner offers you a standard template. Yet, you can change the content by editing the PDF document there however you want. If you work in the hospital, you can even add the logo of the hospital on the template.

Once you fill out the form, make sure you put your signature or stamp and save it to the records of the patient. Send the copy to the patient or the employer of the patient. You can also print it and hand in the paper version during the appointment. Here is what must be included there:

  • Put the name of the doctor, clinic address, and phone number in the first place;
  • Provide the current date;
  • Write down the name of your patient;
  • Specific the time and date of the appointment you want to arrange;
  • Add specific details if you want, and your patient agrees to provide the diagnosis;
  • Sign the document.

Organizations that work with Medical Excuse Note

  • Any organization that has employees who can take medical excuse notes.


  • How to write a medical excuse note for work?

    As an employee, you can’t write medical excuses on your own. You need to go to the doctor in your free time or ask your employer to let you go and ask a doctor for a diagnosis. If the doctor thinks you need to visit the medical establishment again, you receive the medical excuse that you have to bring to the employer. If you can’t visit the doctor in advance, but you need to receive treatment or want to check out your health, you have to call the doctor or clinic and ask for an appointment, in this case, you receive a medical excuse which you also have to provide to the employer at work.

Fillable online Medical Excuse Note
(4.6 / 5) 96 votes
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