Fillable MC-050 Substitution of Attorney-Civil (Without Court Order)


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What Is MC-050 Substitution of Attorney-Civil?

MC 050 fillable form is a document used when a person wants to hire a new attorney in California. It is the lawyer who usually fills out this printable form. This type of document doesn’t require a court order, and you can get it filed any time you change an attorney.

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What do I need the MC-050 form substitution of attorney-civil for?

  • To legally switch your present attorney to the new one if you don’t want the first specialist to represent you in court;
  • If you didn’t have an attorney, but you want to hire them now; 
  • In case you don’t want to cooperate with your lawyer, and you want to represent yourself without a second party.

How to Fill Out MC-050 Substitution of Attorney-Civil?

The form includes only two pages, and it’s quite easy to fill out and download this document on our site. Follow these MC 050 instructions:

  1. The first PDF field requires the personal information of an attorney or party who represents themselves. It includes their name, state bar number, address, phone number, and e-mail address;
  2. Then fill out the information about the court, case name, and case number;
  3. Next, indicate the former legal representative and provide the information about the new legal representative;
  4. There are signature fields for the party, former attorney, and new attorney on the first page of California Substitution of Attorney. Sometimes, you can fill only two of them;
  5. The person who mailed this form should complete the proof of service by mail on the second page of the fillable blank.

Organizations that work with fillable MC 050 substitution of attorney-civil

  • Judicial Council of California.
Fillable online MC-050 Substitution of Attorney-Civil (Without Court Order)
(4.6 / 5) 98 votes
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