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What is Lease to Own Agreement?

The lease to own agreement comes with the option to purchase the real estate. The document was created by the real estate agents for the comfort of their clients. It allows the tenant to buy the property from the landlord. This document can be considered standard when you have to sign the lease with another party. Yet, it contains the possibility to make a purchase.

This is a standard document for numerous US homeowners who want to collect the rent from their real estate properties and sell the property to the tenants in case they are ready to buy and pay the price that was pre-negotiated before the contract is signed. It does not mean that this service will be used, but it keeps the opportunity.

If the owner does not have a mortgage on this property, the financing is usually provided by him/her. The local laws may differ for every state, so you need to make sure that the document matches them. You can always use the universal form.

Lease to Own Agreement on PDFLiner

What I need the lease to own agreement for?

  • The landlord needs lease to own agreement template in case he/she wants to keep the possibility of the purchase open for the tenant. If you want to sign the contract with the tenant without selling the property, you can use this contract as well. This document provides extra security to the landlord, legalizing the deadline and conditions of the deal;
  • The tenant needs a rent to own lease agreement PDF with the landlord to protect its interests and determine how to buy the property. The document looks standard, but you must ensure the landlord can’t break an agreement once you pay for the rent.

How to Fill Out Lease to Own Agreement?

While there are 8 pages of the lease to own agreement form, don’t worry, it mostly contains the information you are already familiar with. Yet, you have to read each sentence and make sure that it does not go against your basic needs for the agreement. The other party also needs to read it before signing the deal. If there are mistakes, the document can be considered invalid.

You will find the universal template on PDFLiner. Check the description in advance, and make sure that the form matches your case. After that, open the document and fill it with the tools you see on the upper panel. Save the document on your device and send the copy to the other party. Here is what must be included there:

  1. Specify the date of the agreement, name of the landlord and tenant;
  2. Describe the agreement in short and with more details;
  3. Provide the information on the term of the lease;
  4. Include the information on the rent, security deposit, and deadline of the rent;
  5. Specify that there is an option to purchase the property and the deadline;
  6. Provide the extra information about the deal if you need it;
  7. Add data on the attorney’s fee and extra disclosures;
  8. Sign the document and let the other party sign it, as the witness and the agent to sign it as well.

Organizations that work with lease to own agreement

  • Tenants, landlords, sellers,  and real estate agencies.


  • How do I write a lease to own agreement?

    You can create this document from scratch only if you are a professional attorney or a real estate agent with such experience. If you don’t know how to write it or what to include it is better to use the already-made template. The form must contain not only your rights and obligations but the rights and obligations of the other party and be made in accordance with the local law. The document still has to be signed by the witness and the agent, so it is better to use professional help anyway. You will find the standard form that matches almost all demands and the local laws of multiple states on PDFLiner. Use online tools for PDF documents that the service offers you.  

Fillable online Lease to Own Agreement
(4.8 / 5) 76 votes
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