Paperless Apps That Will Boost Your Efficiency

The market of paperless applications is expanding as a response to the need for less cluttered, automation-friendlier documentation. In this article, we review the best paperless software. Whether you’ve been thinking of going paperless at home, at your workplace, or as a business owner, you’ll likely benefit from these products.

Paperless Apps

Your transition to a paper-free home and/or office will be much easier with a set of efficient paperless software. Choosing the right product in this category might be confusing, in particular, because the term encompasses numerous aspects of going paperless. Luckily, we’ve been able to single out five essential solutions to the clutter problem. Stick around to learn about their pros and cons.

Google Drive

A very famous product beyond the audience that might be interested in ditching paper documentation, Google Drive offers numerous benefits to those willing to go online, too. This online storage is accessible via your browser as a web product. It also has mobile versions to enable you to view and manipulate your files on the go.

To make it even more essential, Google Drive integrates smoothly with other services by Google for easy sharing and collaboration. Its key downside is that you might need to pay for extra storage space.


PDFLiner is one of the most vital paperless applications for anyone who generates a lot of forms, reports, and other documents. PDF is currently the go-to format for everything from tax reports to wedding invitations. This intuitive web-based editor enables you to create, modify, and fill out a huge variety of forms online. It might not be the best solution for mobile devices, but it does make the transition much smoother.


If you are looking for a space to organize your notes, mind maps, and other helpful materials, you probably shouldn’t look any further. With web Windows, Mac, and mobile versions, this paperless software is very intuitive. It’s a freemium app, meaning you’ll need to pay if you want to enjoy the full range of its benefits.


Some users find it confusing, but IDrive is a powerful cloud-based backup tool for paperless file management. It will take care of your documents in case something goes wrong. The amount of space you can take up depends on your subscription plan.


As part of the Evernote complex, Scannable enables you to turn papers into scanned copies using your mobile device. Unfortunately, it’s only available for iOS as of now, but it is a true time-saver.

What Else Can I Do With PDFLiner

Apart from being a powerful paperless application, PDFLiner offers a simple solution to every essential PDF problem. Whether you want to create a new file of this format, find or fill out a legal form, or type text on top of a PDF, PDFLiner can do it.

It enables you to draw on your documents and insert images as well as helpful checks, arrows, and more. When done, you can quickly share your work with others, optionally locking it with a password where security is a priority.

Finally, PDFLiner enables you to convert PDF files to JPG images in just a couple of clicks.


Here you can find some more information on how to write an NDA. You can also try the PDFLiner editor and fill out the agreement by yourself.
How do I organize paperless files?
Folders and subfolders in cloud-based storage spaces work great. Various forms of visualization are available.
What are the benefits of going paperless?
Paperless documentation is more open to customization and automation. It is also less prone to becoming cluttered.
What are the disadvantages of going paperless?
The key disadvantage is that you’ll need software tools like those described above to replace the obsolete paper-and-ink systems. Such products tend to be provided on a paid basis.
Why are digital documents better?
Keeping digital records means you can easily modify any of the documents to fit every individual case. They store better and take up less physical space, too.

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Dmytro Serhiiev
Tax Consultant & Co-Owner at PDFLiner