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Dmytro Serhiiev

CEO of PDFLiner

Dmytro Serhiiev is a co-owner and tax consultant at PDFLiner. He has an education in International Business, Trade, and Tax Law, as well as experience working in the tax consulting field for more than ten years.

He knows what to pay attention to when filling out forms, in which situations each template and schedule is required, and how to use the possibilities of electronic document management to the maximum for your convenience and business performance.

Dmytro’s main task is writing articles on how to fill out tax forms for the PDFLiner’s blog. You can find many of his step-by-step guides on the platform website, which will make working with documents that are often difficult to understand as simple and accessible as possible. For whichever issue you need an official form, you will find it in the PDFLiner’s collection and can fill it out without errors with the help of Dmytro’s manuals.

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Articles by  Dmytro Serhiiev
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Updated on December 7, 2022
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Forms Filing tipS
Form Filing TipS
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How to Calculate Net Income
Updated on December 27, 2022
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pdf filing tipS
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