How to Make a PDF Editable: Guide and FAQ

If you often come across PDF files in which it is impossible to select and copy text, search for necessary fragments, and perform other actions, this can be cumbersome. It is not always convenient to use such files, especially if they need to be corrected. This situation is solvable, and further, we will consider how to make PDF fields editable.

How to Make Editable PDF Files

Editable PDF means that you can open it and make the changes you require. If you do not know where and how to make editable PDF forms, then you can use the PDF Liner platform. Here you can edit any documents without printing them and in a matter of minutes. Follow the instructions you see below to edit your document.
  1. To edit PDF go to the service website.
  2. On the main page, you will find a form to upload your file.
3. Upload your document with the help of the red button you see on the screenshot. You can also upload a link and edit the document the same way.
4. Wait a few seconds for the file to upload.
5. In the upper toolbar, you will see a green "Edit Form" button. This will open another toolbar that helps add fillable fields to PDF.
6. Select any type of fillable field for example "Text Field" and add it to your PDF. If you would like to know more about the fillable fields and how to use them check out the complete guide. Or you can just start practicing it yourself.
7. When you have added all the needed fields simply click the "Save" button in the upper right corner to save all the changes.

As for "how to make an editable PDF Mac" questions, services like PDF Liner are also suitable for this platform. You can quickly upload and edit files using your Mac. On our website, you will also find many other functions that will make working with PDFs fast and straightforward. For example, after uploading a document, you can also sign it.


In this section, you can get the answers to the most popular questions on "how to make an editable form in PDF" topic. They will help you to get more information about working with PDF files.
How to make a PDF editable for free?
There are various services and platforms for you to work with PDF documents and edit them. One of these services is PDF Liner. All you need to do is upload the paper to the main page’s service and edit the PDF document online.
How to make an editable PDF on Mac?
As for working with PDF documents on Mac, you can download special applications that have these functions. You can also use various online services that offer to edit PDFs in the browser online.
How to make PDF fields editable?
These fields can be made by converting the document to Adobe Sign if you have an Adobe application for that. To do this, go to the "Tools" section. You can also do this in the online PDF editors.

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