How to Fill Out Statement of Facts REG 256 for Any Purpose

REG 256 (or a Statement of Facts) is a legal document regarding your vessel or vehicle. It might be needed for various situations in which your property is involved in one way or another. When do you need REG 256 Form? How to fill it out correctly? Where to send it? Read below to find it out.

What Is a DMV Statement of Facts Form?

This paper is produced by California DMV and is intended for a data declaration on vessels and vehicles. Among other documents, the DMV Statement of Facts Form is one of the most important when registering a car, motorcycle, etc. It is a two-page file containing several sections. Applicants do not have to fill in all REG 256 blocks but only pick those that are relevant to a specific situation. Unlike many other official papers, it does not have a fixed filing date; it depends on your goals. You can fill it out as needed or required.

Who Fills Out Form REG 256?

You should use the California DMV Statement of Facts if you claim exemption from the applicable taxes. Also, this document should be used for smog exemption, transfer of an unregistered vehicle, providing details about disability for a wheelchair lift or carrier, as well as in case of body replacement.

This file aims to declare the vehicle condition and its facts and confirm the credibility of the information provided by an owner. If it turns out that some data is incorrect or was intentionally hidden during the paperwork, an applicant can be charged with perjury based on this form.

How to Fill Out Statement of Facts REG 256?

When filling out this document, you are required to provide true factual information about your vehicle or vessel. There is nothing challenging about it; just prepare the necessary papers in advance (for example, your Ownership Certificate or Disabled Person License). Following CA DMV REG 256 instructions, fill in only those blocks that are relevant to your current situation.
Step 1: In the file header, enter your license number, vehicle (or vessel) ID number, and year of manufacture.

Step 2: Section A should be completed to qualify for tax exemption. Pick your reason for the requirement from the options provided.

Step 3: Block B contains information about smog certification. You should indicate why your vehicle does not need it at the moment. You have several points to select from.

Step 4: Complete Part C if you need to transfer an ownership or title of a vehicle that has not been parked on the street or used.

Step 5: Section D of DMV REG 256 is used if you are disabled and require a window decal. To do it, you need to provide additional information confirming your disability and the exact address where a sticker should be sent.

Step 6: Part E should be completed if you plan to change the vehicle body. Here you need to indicate the market value of your car, the total amount of changes, and their date. Next, specify which modifications you made, for example, changing the body type or motive power.

Step 7: Use Part F if there is a mistake in the ownership certificate, and you would like to fix or correct it. This block should also be completed if you have changed your name, for example, after marriage or divorce.

Step 8: The last G block should be used to validate all of the above facts. You can write in any form that everything described is true and correct.

Step 9: After entering all the information about the vehicle/vessel, provide your full name, contact phone number, date, and sign the form.

As you can see, the process of filling REG 256 CA DMV is simple and does not take much of your time, especially if you use the PDFLiner editor. It has all the tools you need to add and edit text, check boxes, and sign papers. Plus, you don't need to print and scan completed files; everything can be done online right in a browser.

How to Sign REG 256 with PDFLiner?

Our platform offers a convenient feature for signing any records. On the second page of this form, there is a "Sign Field" at the very bottom, where you should put your signature. You can do it in four ways. In a blank line, type your name, and the editor will automatically turn it into a signature.

You can also hand-sign the document using your mouse or trackpad, upload an electronic signature if available, or take a photo of the already signed paper. After that, press the "Sign" button, and the entered information will appear in the picked field.

How to File REG 256?

You can submit your completed document electronically through the California Department of Motor Vehicles' official site or print it and bring it to one of the DMV offices near you. If you are interested in where to mail CA DMV REG 256, then the exact address of the organization is currently the following:

P.O. Box 942869,
CA 94269-0001.

The recipient should, of course, be the DMV. Unlike tax forms, this paper does not have an exact due date. It depends on your current situation. For example, the need to submit this document can be set by a DMV technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about filling out the Statement of Facts? For more information, see the answers to some common questions in this section.
Who has to sign REG 256?
Sometimes users have a question, who signs the California DMV REG 256. It should be completed by an applicant who is the new owner of a vehicle. Regardless of whether you buy a car or it is a transfer between family members, it should be filled in and signed by the one who will use it in the future.
How do you fill out a Certificate of Title?
Both parties should complete a Certificate of Title (or Pink Slip). Its Front Page contains information about a seller (the vehicle owner), their driver license number, residence address, and odometer readings. The back of the document is intended to be completed by a buyer, who needs to indicate their full name, address, and driver license or ID number.
Can I get a copy of my car title online?
It depends on your situation. The fact is that in most regions, a person should notarize their application. If in your case, it is not required (for example, if you lost the original or it was damaged, but your data remains the same), you can apply online through the official website of your local DMV.
Does a contract have to be countersigned?
Yes, to submit the Statement of Facts REG 256, you must certify all the specified data with a signature. It serves as a guarantee that you have read the information and confirmed it.
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