How Do I Create the Best Signature for My Name Electronically?

E-signatures are becoming a modern must in all business realms and a variety of private operations. Fortunately, creating a signature has become a straightforward process due to our set of advanced online tools that let you add a signature in a matter of seconds. Now, I’d like to make a signature of my name together with you to make it even easier for you.

How Online Signature Works

Using modern online services, you can create a signature online in three basic ways. The first option is to draw it using the mouse, trackpad of your laptop, or touchscreen with or without a stylus. The input accuracy will depend on the type of device and your skill. Second, you can upload a png file with your signature if you’ve already made it using other means. Third, you can use the smart capture feature that lets you take a photo of the signature with your web camera and extract the signature from it. This method is the most accurate as it lets you copy the signature right as it looks on paper.

When the signature is ready, you can use any signature service you like to e-sign your incoming and outcoming documents of any type without the need to print them and scan them back with the signature. As a result, you save loads of time even when you need to sign a single form. If you work with batches of forms, this feature will save you hours, if not entire days, every month. However, don’t forget about electronic signature laws as they differ by state, and you may need to consider the limitations.

How to Sign My Name Online

Looking for the services to create a good signature for my name, I’ve tested over a dozen platforms. However, only a few of them deserved to get onto the listing below.


This cloud platform is designed to help remote teams organize and automate the agreement process. The service makes it easy to process batches of documents in a dynamic manner, which is so important for modern business. E-signature feature by DocuSign works on the vast majority of devices, and lets managers track agreements remotely. Multiple languages are supported to match the needs of international corporations, while all the cross-company operations are protected by reliable online encryption technologies that make it impossible to access sensitive data without unique authorization credentials.


If the only thing you need is to create that online signature quickly and for free, try DocSketch. This elementary service offers a free plan that lets you create a signature by drawing it or choose one of the randomly-generated templates for your name. I have found a few worthy cool signatures for my name in the free version, so I can recommend this solution. If you need more than that, use one of the paid tiers to sign documents online. The platform is quite efficient for small and medium companies.

EverSign Online Signature

This website offers a similar signature generator and a signature drawing feature, but the number of free samples is more extensive. In addition, I can choose the signature style of my name by playing with fonts, slopes, and even colors. Finally, I got a very creative signature for my name!

If you need to sign documents online, the service supports integrations with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote, OneDrive, Gmail, and Amazon Cloud. You can also send signature requests directly from the website.

There are no paid tiers, but the free plan offers enough flexibility for up to 2 users per account. If you have a small business, you will feel fluent enough with the options to sign and send single PDFs. Unfortunately, batching is not available.


PDFLiner is a straightforward and universal solution that’s designed for intuitive document processing. Here you will find an extensive library of the latest federal forms and a versatile online PDF editor that makes it easy to create new documents and complete or edit uploaded files.

The e-signature module lets you draw your signature using any input type you have as well as upload a ready-made PNG file with your signature in it, capture a signature from a piece of paper with your web camera, and generate a signature. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it the quickest way:

  1. Upload your document by dragging it onto the home page. The editor will launch automatically;
  2. Click the ‘Sign’ button on the tool panel;
  3. Click ‘Add New Signature’ in the pop-up window;
  4. Type your name to generate a stylish handwritten sample;
  5. Select ‘Draw’ to draw the signature;
  6. Click ‘Upload’ if you have a ready-made file;
  7. Select ‘Capture’ to capture the signature with your camera.
Now that you know how to make a signature of your name in detail, just take a while and do it. Your PDFLiner account will remember as many signatures as you need. Later, you can use it to sign any forms if that’s allowed by the law and the requester.


I bet you have some more questions after reading. Here are expert answers to the most probable of them.
How can I make a signature of my name?
The easiest way is to use an online generator. If you know how you want your signature to look like, try to draw it or capture it with your web camera. PDFLiner provides all of these options.
Which type of signature is the best?
Choosing from the types of electronic signatures, most experts recommend drawing and capturing signatures as these methods reduce the probability that someone will attempt to copy your signature and succeed.
How can I make my signature stylish?
Trying to create a stylish signature of my name online, I figured out that the best way is to use stylish fonts in the generator or draw a signature in the style of a person you admire. However, be sure to write clearly and include your full first and last name.
Where can I get a signature style of my name for free online?
I managed to get a stylish signature sample of my name on PDFLiner (using the 10-day trial), on EverSign Online Signature (always free), and DocSketch (limited free tier).
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