Hawaii 45 Day Notice to Vacate


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Get your Hawaii 45 Day Notice to Vacate in 3 easy steps

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  • 02 Sign it online Sign Hawaii 45 Day Notice to Vacate
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What Is the Hawaii 45 Day Notice to Vacate Form?

The 45 days notice to vacate Hawaii form is a written notice that tenants must give their landlord to inform them that they will be moving out of the rental property. This form is required by law, and failure to provide the document may result in legal action against the tenant. Notice period of 45 days is in accordance with Hawaii's landlord-tenant laws.

What information is required on this Hawaii Form?

This document template requires tenants to provide the following information:

  • Tenant's name, address
  • Landlord's name, address
  • Address of the rental property
  • Date the tenant intends to vacate the property
  • Tenant's signature

Also, please remember to ensure all required information is provided on the form to avoid legal issues.

How To Fill Out the 45 Day Notice to Vacate Letter Hawaii

PDFliner makes it easy to fill out and sign all forms online. Here's how to complete the 45 day notice to vacate Hawaii template:

  1. First, open the template, and enter the date in the "Date" field.
  2. Enter your name and the name of any other tenants in the "Tenant(s)" field.
  3. In the "Property Address" field, enter a rental address for the apartment you are vacating.
  4. In the "Landlord" field, enter the name of your landlord or property manager.
  5. In the "Notice of Termination" section, select the reason for vacating from the drop-down menu.
  6. In the "End of Tenancy" section, indicate the vacancy date.
  7. Sign in the "Tenant's Signature" field.
  8. Save or print the completed form for your records and to provide a copy to your landlord or property manager.

What happens after submitting the 45 Day Notice to Vacate Hawaii Form?

Once the Hawaii 45-day notice has been submitted to the landlord, the tenant is expected to vacate the property on the date indicated on the form. The landlord will inspect the property to ensure that it is in good condition and that there are no damages beyond normal wear and tear. If there are any damages, the landlord may deduct the cost of repairs from the tenant's security deposit.

Fillable online Hawaii 45 Day Notice to Vacate
(5 / 5) 1 votes
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