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What Is a Functional Resume?

A functional resume is a specific type of resume that focuses emphasis on skills and experience rather than chronological employment history. This format serves as an efficient tool for applicants who have significant gaps in their work history, made a career change, or are re-entering the workforce.

Who should use functional resume sample

There's a common misconception that functional resumes are exclusively for those with significant work gaps or transitioning careers. However, a functional resume sample for a student or anyone aiming at specific job skills can provide a solid platform. It's of significant benefit to those who want to emphasize abilities over work history.

Also, individuals new to the workforce or those changing occupation fields find the functional resume sample advantageous. Such a document will prove particularly helpful if traditional job experience in the field is minimal but other types of experience exist, like internships or relevant coursework. You can find the sample functional resume PDF to see how and who usually uses it.

How To Use Sample Functional Resume as Template

The use of a sample functional resume template is straightforward. Obtain a template that best suits your situation, and fill out the designated areas using an existing form as a functional resume sample:

  1. Start with the field next to 'Name' and key in your full name.
  2. Move to the 'Address' field - type in your current address, ensuring it's both accurate and updated. 
  3. Fill out the 'Phone Number' field with your main contact number. Be careful to exclude erroneous figures as this might prevent prospective employers from reaching you.
  4. Next, click the 'Email' field. Enter a professional and formal email address, as this is a primary channel where potential employers may send interview invitations or job offers.
  5. Move to 'Objective' section - enter the position you aim for at the potential employer's company. Be clear and concise. This statement directly communicates your career intentions to the hiring manager.
  6. Under 'Summary of Qualifications', provide a brief synopsis of your qualifications that align with the job role. Try to draw a direct relation between your capacity and the objectives of the role, utilizing action verbs and quantifiable accomplishments. 
  7. Click the 'Relevant Skills' field and provide a list of your major skills. After listing each major success, you can disclose the minor successes related to it. This allows you to demonstrate your comprehensive skillset whilst revealing your attention to detail.
  8. In the 'Employment History' section, list your previous jobs in reverse chronological order, including position title, the company's name, and period of employment. Also, incorporate a bullet list of duties performed and achievements at each job.
  9. Lastly, under 'Education', write down the institutions you attended, the dates, and any degrees you received. Do this in reverse chronological order as well, starting with the most recent.
  10. Once you're done filling out all the necessary information, review your functional resume sample for student for any errors or omissions. You can download it, save it in your PDFLiner account, or email it directly from the platform.

How to share sample functional resume PDF

Use email, or e-mail it directly from the PDFLiner website, or professional networking and job search platforms to share your completed sample of a functional resume. Ensure that the document is well-formatted, free of errors, carries a professional tone, and accurately represents your skills and abilities. You can also provide a downloadable link in circumstances that require online applications.

Fillable online Functional Resume Sample
(4.5 / 5) 101 votes
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